weight loss

**Pictures are below so go ahead and scroll on through to see before/after pictures.

NOTE: My weight Loss journey is in order from oldest to newest, so be sure to scroll down to see how my story unfolded.

Having had a successful  weight loss surgery procedure in 2005, I am enjoying a much healthier lifestyle because of this amazing tool.   I am not here to tell everyone that is morbidly obese that weight loss surgery is the answer.  It is a very personal decision, that I did a lot of research about and in no way took lightly.  That being said, it is the very best thing I have ever done in my life to personally improve my quality of life, my health.

My LAP RNY surgery was on Oct 3, 2005 in Columbia, SC. My insurance is Tricare Prime, and Dr. Dalton Prickett was my surgeon.

Life is wonderful!


06/30/05-Met with PCM requesting a referral for WLS. She said she would complete the paperwork, and then I would wait to hear from Tricare.

07/07/05-I kept calling Tricare everyday as I was so excited about getting the actual referral to see a WLS MD. Finally, on this day, when I called, the answer was ” YES” your referral has come through and is approved. I was told that Dr. Prickett is who the referral was for. I had heard many good things about him, and so i was very pleased to see the referral was for him. I then called the WLS office, and found out that prior to coming into the first appt, i needed to attend a 2 hr. educational seminar that they hold 1 time a month..and it happen to be july 19th..So i put that on my calendar eagerly.

07/12/05- I attended a support group at my local military hospital for gastric bypass. It was very welcoming and I enjoyed the feedback and information I got. I do plan to return to this monthly support group.

07/19/05-I attend the 2 hr educational seminar and my mother goes with me. i am very glad that she went as the support was good and I was glad she got to see my surgeon and hear about this surgery first hand from someone other than me. My husband would have gone with me, but he is deployed and is not able to be here. He is completely 100% supportive though. I found the meeting to be informative, and made me feel even more that this is the decision I want to make for me — FOR ME, I want to do something to be healthy.

07/21/05 -Dr. Prickett’s office calls and asks if I can come into the office on 07/26/05 for my first appt. Of COURSE I CAN! So i added it to my calendar and began to think of what questions I might have.

07/26/05 -I attend my appt. First, someone weighed me (278 lbs), checked my height ( 5 feet 5 inches) and then asked me lots of general questions about my health ( Did I have diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, etc..) just to get a basis before Judy came in.  Judy must have been running late with another patient so the Exercise lady came in and she was very kind and we talked a lot about the amt of exercise I can do now, what I can do one month from now, and how I can increase my goals as I lose weight after the surgery. Then, I met with Judy, the nurse practioner and she was very thourough and completely approachable. The appt went really well.
She gave me labs which I will take to the military hospital this week to get done ( bloodwork) and I made an appt to see my PCM ( Aug 9th was the soonest I could get) and at that appt. I will need to get a medical clearance from my PCM – stating that I am a candidate for this surgery, and failure to have it could make me suceptible to diabetes, high blood pressure and other issues that affect morbidly obese people. I plan to take with me a short but straight to the point statement and hope she will simply sign it for me..so i don’t have to wait even longer for her to get it done.
Then, Judy said next week I should get a call about when my appt. with the psychologist will be and then shortly after the nutritionists. Later after these appts, I will get an Upper GI done as I do suffer from acid reflux but they want it to be done closer to the surgery itself.  I called and got an appt to see my PCM for 08/09 which I will discuss with her the progress of this as well ask for the medical clearance letter I need.

07/28/05 -I went to the local military hospital and did the bloodwork which was requested on me by Dr. Prickett. It took a total of 5 min. and was super simple. YEAH, something simple! Then, while in the building, I walked down to the xray department to schedule the upper GI appt. which I needed to get done. They gave me an appt for the following week of 08/03/05 so that was progress.
08/02/05-It has been one week since my WLS consult, and since they had told me i would hear from the psychologist within one week, and I hadn’t yet, I called the WLS office to verify what i understood as the process, and they checked my chart and said that they had sent my info. over to the psychologist, and mailed me a letter about it, and she also went ahead and gave me the phone number to the psychologist and nutritionists.   So, I then called both and made my appts. The nutritionist was going to see me the next day 08/03 and the psych. eval is for 08/08.

08/03/05 -Today I had my upper GI test. UGH ! I know in the big scheme of things it isn’t that bad, but it was quite unpleasant I’ll say. After changing into a gown, and waiting to be seen, I went into the room where i layed on the table flat, then this table, which had an end for my feet to stand on, the table literally leaned forward and moved me 90 degrees into an upright position. Then i had to swallow these white small sparkly things which look like chopped up pieces of Alka Seltzer and swallow simotaneously with about half an ounce of water ( not enough water, i might add)…THEN, I was layed back down by the machine, and then proceeded to turn, rotate, hold, don’t breathe, breathe, drink more white chalky liquid, drink more, move rotate.. You get the idea. it lasted about 20 minutes, and basically they take live xrays of this barium type fluids going through your system. I was glad when that was over!
Then I went straight to my nutritionist appt. where it lasted about 45 min. I had to take a short test ( right at the beginning) to see how much I was aware of nutrition, etc.. with post-bypass surgery and i got 100%. You must have 100% or you are referred to come back for more sessions. We discussed nutrition post surgery, and it was helpful She was kind and was very knowledgable.
After I came home I called Tricare and verified that it was correct that for me to see a psych ( which is this mon) that i didn’t have to have a referral from my PCP. That is correct. All i need is a self referral with my insurance. But, hey, I just wanted to make sure and not have to find out later I missed a step.
So, now, I wait for all these results to come back, and for my psych eval on monday, then my appt with my pcm on tuesday.
BUSY BUSY BUSY but I feel I have all my ducks in a row ( QUACK QUACK) and I am looking forward to seeing how the psych eval goes.   So, this is where I am on my WLS journey. I feel very good about this, i am so ready and I am very thankful and happy i have my family to be here for me in my husbands absence to help me recover from this.
08/08/05 -Today I went to see the psychologist for my evaluation. I first took a test ( True/False) and it was not too difficult. Then, i spoke to the psychologist probably around 25 minutes. I think he left the meeting thinking I have all my wits about me and that I know what I am doing, and am at a good place in my life for such a major surgery. It will take about 1 week he said for his needed report to get submitted to my surgeon. AND until then, I shall wait……

08/09/05 -Well this morning was probably the first GLITCH i have hit on this journey, and it isn’t truly much of a glitch, so that is a good problem.  I went to see my PCM ( Primary Care Manager) at Ft. Jackson, and went over my bloodwork and Upper GI results. All is good. The results show i have very good cholesterol, no thyroid problems and my upper GI indicated I have reflux ( well, I sure hope so since i take medicine everyday for it ) :>
Anyway, when at the end of my appointment I told her that I needed a medical clearance letter she seemed wierd. She said she was only a nurse practioner and that she didn’t feel comfortable in doing so. So she was then going to refer me to an MD, so i could then be evaluated by someone else. I wasn’t expecting this. I then called my surgeon’s office, to clarify and they said that the letter would be nice, but since she had completed a referral for me, and it was specifically for WLS, then she didn’t forsee i would have a problem.. So, we will see. I am going to go ahead and call and make an appt ( as they are booking 3 wks out) just in case the need arises for me to get something in writing.   MY ADVISE- Be sure to follow-up on EVERYTHING. I called my surgeon’s office and they still hadn’t received a report on my bloodwork or upper GI. THe hospital said they sent it ( and you know what, they may have..) but mistakes happen and bottom line – It isn’t in my chart at the doctor’s office, so they refaxed it today.
08/31/05 -well i just left my surgeon’s office about one hour ago for my consultation. My mom went with me to this appt. as well. After going over additional information about the surgery, I have still the firm feeling that this is the right thing for me.   It was a successful appt *( and all went well with all the appts I had). the upper GI indicated i do have some mild reflux.   He will get the visit transcribed (which he dictated while I was there) and then the packet will get submitted to tricare. I will wait now patiently and look forward to the news..   my surgeon requires patients to do atkins for 2 wks pre-surgery. Well, i went ahead and started yesterday just so i can be ready and available when I’m approved. They said his schedule is looking very good for the month of september.

September 12, 05 (MON) –
well, i called tricare today to see if they had processed my request for wls, and they said it was APPROVED. This was great news to start off my day!… They said it was faxed to my surgeon’s office on Friday, Sept 9th @ 130pm and it was confirmed a successful fax. YIPEE! I was really glad to hear this and was almost in disbelief. I then called my surgeon’s office to confirm they had gotten it. I have overall not been too impressed with staff at the office. Although they are overall “friendly”,  they are slightly short with me and direct. Example, I simply said I was looking forward to finding out my surgery date, and i wanted my surgery on a monday or tuesday. She then said that it could then be postponed by weeks.. The only other day he operates is Thursday, so it isn’t like i limited the options for myself that much. Then she quickly said that she needed to coordinate with another dr, and she would call me with the date. She never asked if there were dates or a timeline that wasn’t good. Not that my schedule is difficult at all. Just the thought that they don’t even ask, and just go ahead and schedule it. Oh, well, I am at the point where i am just wanting to make sure i have a good surgeon and i am impressed with him..but some, not all, of his staff, lack sensitivity to a customer’s needs..or in my opinion are just a little too direct, and less friendly.
09/25/05-   WELL, while i was on vacation they called me on wed. /15/05 and told me i have a surgery date.
That’s right . October 3rd. I have a date…YEAH! I am excited. WHEW, slightly overwhelmed but just so excited to see what this awesome opportunity will have for my life! I am ready for this journey!
My surgery DATE IS OCTOBER 3, 2005

10/6/05 Well, i had my surgery on 10/3 at Baptist Hospital here in Columbia, SC by Dr. Prickett. I was nervous slightly a couple days before the surgery, but then realized that I needed to have as much positive energy before the surgery as I could,so I prayed and lifted the whole situation up to God, and was at peace the day of my surgery.
My surgery lasted just short of 2 hours and my surgeon said everything went well, no problems, and it was a textbook case. YEAH! That is what I wanted to hear. The very evening of my surgery, I did have an empty “hungry” feeling which people had told me that didn’t have.. But i did. I had some ice chips, and that was fine. Then, i ended up getting some visitors, feeling pretty good, and took 2 swallows in almost a moment of fogetting to sip. I immediately didn’t feel well and had the need to throw up. So i asked them to leave, got the bedside throw-up thing, and i threw up.. ( not sure what though since all i had was water, but it was a lot of blood(TMI). that almost freaked me out! but, i felt better afterwards. I told my surgeon when i saw him next and he said it could have been leftover in my pouch. It never happenned again.   I was in the hospital 2.5 days. I was discharged and went home. The ride home was slightly sensitve to me, i had a pillow nearby just in case, but i didn’t need it ( it was a 15 mile ride).
The first night home i slept in the recliner, and got some good sleep.
Today was my first full day home and i slept in the bed as well as the recliner. I was able to sleep on my right side, once i got in that perfect spot.
So far i have been able to tolerate, water, atkins protein shake,tea, popsicles, broth, jello and pudding. I’m sipping all day long and having very little bits, but i am able to take it so for that i am happy.
I am excited to see the weight come off. I am going to record my weight every  monday, since that is the day i had my surgery. I don’t want to get obsessed with the scale and what it says.ALso, i am taking weekly pics.

10/27/05 -Well, I have not posted many detailed thoughts over this first month. Not sure if it was intentional but I’m sitting here wanting to share what all I’m thinking. Well i’m 3.5 weeks out from surgery and i feel pretty good. I  just went to dinner tonight with 2 fellow-OH members which we had a fantastic time talking. I ate refried beans and water. Didn’t feel I was missing out on anything either.   The first two weeks after surgery i dealt with minimal to small pain..but by 2 weeks out it was all gone. My incisions looks good and I SIP all day long. I drink 2 protein drinks a day ( each with 25 grams of protein.   I have lost weight and have been recording  my weight once a week. I ike this b/c I want to long-tern be able to see how I progressed in my weight loss.   Clothing is starting to get loose. I wore a pair of size 22 pants today *which before surgery 26 was the smallest size clothes I could fit into). And today I bought a size 20 dress to wear for an upcoming party, and I couldn’t believe it fit!   I do not crave things ( like pizza, reeses peanut butter cups, fast food) which had been a big part of my eating habits. To date, I feel that I am coping well with my weight loss.   I walk every day. I try and take my daughter on 2 10  minute walks, and then i try and go shopping with her or somewhere so I can get more walking in. I park my car as far away as I can from the store I am going to. it really helps get in more walking.   My husband is in Iraq, and i really miss him. I really look forward to seeing him in person  *( which i should get to see him in December for his R&R).

10/31/05 – 1 month POST-OP
Well-I am one month post-op and have lost 26.5 lbs since surgery. I’m slightly dissappointed b/c i feel i’ve not been eating, i’m walking and exercising I’d think I would have lost more. BUT with that being said, I am really feeling better, I’m losing inches and I see a difference in my body. Plus, it is closer to my goal and I’m hopeful to reach my goal at least in one year.
I’ve been eating pureed foods or foods soft in texture. I have not dumped yet. I have not gotten sick yet. I have not been as tired as I was the first 2 wks post op. I look forward to seeing what is different within the next month.

11/7/05 – Well I am feeling good. 5 weeks post op and I am down 30 lbs. I am going to water aerobics this friday and I’m looking forward to that. It should be a great way to add more exercise to my routine currently (which is walking, and pushing my daughter in her stroller of course).  A typical day for me food-wise is:
Breakfast – Protein Drink
S-couple bites of cheese or couple bites of banana
L-1/3 cup Wendy’s Chili
S-1/2 cup yougart
D-1/4 cup tuna salad and 2-3 bites of cottage cheese
S -Last protein drink
And my water, vitamins, etc. through the day.   I’m not getting in quite 64 oz. so i’m really working hard to drink drink all day! But, i feel good. I’m wearing some size 22’s and some 24’s ( before I was wearing 26).   11/14/05 – I am soo busy that i feel sometimes i don’t have the time to sit and right all i am thinking..but things are good. Today, 6 wks post op, i am down to 230.5 lbs which is a loss of 33.5 lbs.   I went to water aerobics today for the first time and it was GREAT! i am so glad i have the opportunity to go, and i’ll be going 2 times a week, in addition to walking at least 4 times a week. And i do 50 sit ups each afternoon.
I have been taking my b12 in the nighttime..but i am gonna start trying to take it in the morning so i can maybe feel the effects of the energy..vs. taking it right as i go to bed..

Here is me on 11-21-05 (jeans size 22)

11/27/05 -Well i am feeling a little blah. I am looking great and I am losing weight but right now i have a headache that won’t quit and I really feel i need to be drinking more and eating more. But the reality is i don’t want to, nor do i feel the need to, but I am trying to force myself.  When i eat, i have a wierd feeling. Not a sick feeling, not a typical full feeling..but just something different. Maybe this is what full feels like after WLS…but yesterday i ate 3 teaspoons yogart, some liquids, and 1 bite of a chickfila sandwich and a protein drink AND ALL MY VITAMINS. So i am working on eating and drinking more.I made it through thanksiving no problem and ate what i wanted, just very little….and i have had no dumping or any problems.
NEWEST PIC -(as of Mon -11/27/05)

12/11/05 -Well, Today I am feeling pretty good. I am taking my meds as I’m supposed to and I am working on being better with my liquids.  I normally am still taking 2 protein drinks a day.  Weight wise i feel good. My size 22 jeans i got are all pretty  lose. I wear a size 20 pants which I have too. Some 18’s fit.. So, the hodge podge of sizes is mainly b/c i refuse to go out and spend tons of money on clothes that don’t even last a month….But, all in all I’m a size 20 i believe. I can buy X-Large in shirts which is a huge sense of accomplishment because it used to be 2X and sometimes that was even tight.
My husband who is currently in Iraq, is coming home this week for R&R so as you can imagine i am so excited about seeing him myself and letting him see for himself the changes i’ve made since he saw me last ( that would be about 60 lbs heavier which he saw me last) than I am now! Plus, he hasn’t seen our daughter since she was 5 mths old, and she will be 1 on 12/22! So, it is an exciting couple of weeks coming up for me!

01/01/06 -HAPPY NEW YEAR!   Well, I have been off the boards and site because my husband came home from his deployment overseas and was here for 15 days..So a good excuse to be away. I’m wearing size 18 pants, XL shirts ( some large, but my breasts are still kind of the reason for the XL) and I’m down to 202.5 lbs as of this morning. Pretty good loss I think over the holidays and as chaos-filled as my life has been these last 3 weeks. Tomorrow i start back to water aerobics. I am feeling pretty good overall. Sipping on water this very minute.
I feel a slight ache/pain periodically in my sides..sometimes my left..sometimes my right..and it isn’t constant..Not sure what this is or could be, but if it continues, i’ll call my doctor.   Eating wise I need to make sure i’m  making good choices. Because nothing really makes me dump, i have fallen somewhat into having one bite of things i shouldn’t and i just do not want to make a pattern of this.

01/09/06 0Well i have been feeling pretty good. I go this coming week to get bloodwork done, then i’ll have a follow up appt soon with my surgeon to make sure all is good with  my results from the bloodwork. I am feeling pretty good. I do not eat much and feel I should be eating more. I get full pretty quickly but can eat anything I want. Chicken seems to make me feel full faster. I don’t get sick, but it is a feeling that I’d say I try to avoid  by just not eating it.  I am taking one protein drink a day. I drink mainly water. I have not tried diet sodas or any soda yet.
My  goal is 140 lbs ( or a size 8)…not sure which is accurate..But we’ll see how i feel when i reach it. I’m feeling pretty happy with my progress.   I had a fantastic time over R&R with my husband here. My daughter too enjoyed it. Well, I am gonna run!  I started water aerobcis back up after a break from the holiday. It felt great being back in aerobics!
New pics -Taken on 1-9-06



3.5 mhs after surgery

3.5 mhs after surgery

01/31/06 – 17 weeks out( 3 1/2 mths )
Well, I have cheated more than I’d like this month. I found SUN CHIPS, and although they are multi-gran blah blah blah, I found myself eating them too much. I have gone down to only 1 protein drink a day, and I have been good at talking my multi-vitamins, but forgetting the calcium and B-12.   I go to see my doctor for a F/U this Friday so we’ll see how the bloodwork I got drawn turned out.   Overall I feel good, but i think i need to kick up my food habits a notch or two.   I have improved a lot though on my water intake….   I had a goal to be at 185 by tomorrow (Feb 1st) but today I weighed in at 189.5 lbs.. So i will be close, but not exactly there.   I still comfortably wear 18’s. I went clothes shopping the other day and found many things I tried on ( XL) to be too big…Then other places, XL wasn’t big enough. I find clothes shopping to be kind of frustrating overall….Even though I am pleased with the smaller sizes, it takes forever to fiind something that fits well 🙂
Well here are some new pics.


02/13/2006 –   Well I am feeling good overall. I got my lab results back from my surgeon’s office. My protein is in the normal range, but at the low end of normal, so i need to work on getting more protein. My calcium, folate, and vitamin D were all fine. This is good news as I was curious how I was doing.
I can now wear size 16 jeans, and weighing in at 185 lbs this morning. A very good feeling.  I even can wear some medium tops, but it really varies..Still some large and xtra large most of the time.
Water aerobics 2x a week is very consistent for me and I really love it a lot. I’m going to miss it when I move back to Germany.   I am plugging along. Just wanted to post some new pics which I took this morning and share with you. Seeing the pics side by side really helps me see how much i have changed phsyically. It makes me feel so good!

Well, things have been a little rough around the house, but not due to my WLS. My little girl ( 14 mths) has a stomach bug which is going around..needlesstosay, i just wish it would go away and she could feel better. POOR THING! She has been sleeping fine still at night, and overall, her temperment has been pretty normal all week..But today she was physically acting as if she wasn’t well..and she was very clingy to me 🙂 Oh, she is so on the go these days, so to see her lean her head on my shoulder and just cuddle..was a tender precious moment, and yet I just prayed to God..that she feel better.
I am now in size 16 pants. WHAT? Me? In 16s? Yes, I can’t hardly believe it myself. I am doing pretty well but honestly, i have slacked in taking my vitamins, etc..and so yesterday, I have been BACK ON TRACK..and I just ordered more protein NECTAR powder so that should be here soon… I want to get to a size 10 or 140…not sure if that weight for me matches a size 10, but that is where I want to get to…so we’ll see…it is overwhelming for me to think I am only 39 lbs from my goal weight! YOWZA!

Well, I am feeling good. I still get pretty full after eating very little and I’m ok with that. I have not gotten sick really still and am very thankful. No complications either. I bought yesterday from the store size 12 jeans and a dress from a consignment store which was a 12 also..I had been wearing 16’s..It is like I completely skipped the size 14 stage. I can’t believe it really at all. I just feel so overwhelmed with the weight loss. When i look in the mirror, I see the small me and I like what I see, yet when I look down at my stomach or my legs, they still look huge to me.. Kind of wierd.   I am at 172 lbs as of yesterday morning ( 25 weeks post op) and can’t believe that on April 3, 06 it will be 6 mths since my surgery.   Right now I’m on the 1 1/2 mths countdown to do heading back to Germany and seeing my husband again….who is deployed right now. I do send him pictures, and he did see me over Christmas for 2 weeks, but I think that he will be really happy with all the changes I have made in my body! ME TOO!   My skin is doing pretty well. Overall, i’m least impressed with my thighs I suppose, and my stomach to follow. But compared to some, I think you might say my stomach isn’t bad at all. Plus, not to mention i did have a C-secion 15 mths ago, so that combined makes my stomach not look like a 6 pack..but one day.
My breasts have gone from a 48D to much smaller. Right now I should wear a 36DDD but I have been wearing a 40DD just to get the cup size to match. I refuse to go buy PRICEY bras that only will end up not fitting in a very short time, so that has been pretty frustrating. I think the first surgery I would like to consider would be a breast lift, possibly this fall/winter in Germany. Since my mom is coming over for a month anyway for the holidays, it could make it doable since she could help me with my daughter, but we’ll see.   Here are my most recent pic updates, taken yesterday.

Well, I am wearing a size 12 in new clothes from the store..When I borrow hand me downs though I am still in some 14’s. But it feels good to be shopping in normal sections at the store..It emphasizes to me what poor taste I have in picking out clothes..And for that i Still hate shopping. Now, it is harder b/c i can fit into more clothes…but it is a good problem to have, and i welcome it.   I have had bloodwork done and my b12 isn’t absorbing well ( right now it is down to 279) so my surgeon’s NP put me on B12 shots. I got my first one on Monday. I hope my bloodwork levels go up again when they check it.    I move back to Germany next Tuesday…and then I get to see my husband, who has been deployed to Iraq for nearly 12 mths…….I look forward to seeing him. Mainly b/c i just miss him. But, I am excited to share my “new” body with him of course too.

05/29/06 – Happy Memorial Day!
Well today is the day. My husband is coming home today from his 12 mths deployment in Iraq. I am so excited. I feel good and I sit here now in a pair of 10 jeans! What? I said that right..I feel good. And i just wanted to share with you my before/after of where I was and how far I have come. These pics were taken today!

08/08/06 -Well it has been awhile since I’ve made any updates. Life is good. My husband is home from Iraq. We’re a family again. My little girl, now 19 mths, is walking and growing so fast before my eyes. I am feeling good. Weighing 146 lbs…and in size 10/12. My personal goal I set for myself is 139 lbs but I’m feeling good about getting there..   In a hurry, so here are 2 pics..

Taken Aug 5, 2006 downtown Wiesbaden, Germany

11/14/06 -Oct 3, 06 was my 1 year anniversary! I feel good. I’m tired somewhat and am surprised that I don’t have more energy really. I got my bloodwork done last week and go in this Thur. to make sure all my levels are good.
I just got approved for a tummy tuck and breast reduction. Excellent news Indeed.
I am happy, healthy and feel really good about my progress in my health. I am comfortably wearing a size 8, and mostly medium sized shirts.  To date, I have had no negatve side effects or problems since my surgery. God is so good.   AND….We move to Clarksville, TN in April..I’m excited that we’ll be closer to family and friends…

01/22/2007 – Happy New Year!
Things have been pretty busy and hectic. I am doing well I weigh 134 lbs. I had my breast reduction on December 10, 2006 here in Wiesbaden, Germany. Tri-Care Prime paid for everything.  I had my surgery on a Monday morning and was leaving the hospital on Wednesday around 1030am.  I had very little pain. I had no drains. I had tylenol with codeine at home for pain, but took it only 3 times.

My surgeon was Dr. Scholz. He is wonderful and I recommend him highly.  His partner Dr. Alamuti is highly recommended as well.  My biggest news is that I am also having my tummy tuck which is scheduled for Feb 13, 2007.  It is already approved as well so that is splendid news!
This picture was taken December 16, 2006 ( 5 days after my breast reduction)

Here is a picture of me taken around January 1st!  Wearing a size 8 pants. Gotta love it!


7/25 – 277 lbs – Initial date of meeting with surgeon’s office
8/31 – 272 lbs
8/30 (started atkins)
9/12 – 262 lbs
10/3/05 -264 lbs
1 WEEK POST OP -10/10/05-249 lbs (13 lbs lost)
2 WEEK POST OP -10/17/05 -240 lbs (9 lbs lost this week)
3 WEEK POST OP -10/24/05 -239 lbs (1 lbs lost this week)
4 WEEK POST OP -10/31/05 -237.5 lbs ( 1.5 lbs lost this week) –   1 month grand total- TOTAL LOST SO FAR SINCE SURGERY – 26.5 lbs   5 WEEK POST OP -11/7/05 -234 lbs (3.5 lbs lost this week) – TOTAL SINCE SURGERY 30 lbs
6 WEEK POST OP 11-14-05 230.5 lbs (3.5 lbs lost this week)
7 week POST OP -11-21-05 226.5 lbs (4 lbs lost this week)
8 week post-op 11/27/05 221 (5.5 lbs lost this week)
9 week post op 12/5/05 218 ( 3 lbs lost this week)


13 weeks post op 01/09/06 199 lbs (lost track timewise since i’ve been out of town so much
17 wks post op 01/30/06 191.5 lbs
19 wks post op 02/13/06 185 lbs
22 wks post op 03/04/06 179 lbs
25 wks post op 03/27/06 172 lbs
27 wks post op 04/10/06 170.5 lbs
30 wks post op 05/02/2006 165.5 lbs
34 wks post op 05/29/06 – 158 lbs
44 wks post op 08/07/06 – 146 lbs
59 wks post op 11/14/06 -144.5 lbs

June 13, 2007 – 129.5 lbs   TOTAL LOST SO FAR SINCE SURGERY – 136.5 lbs
July 2, 2007 – 131 lbs

August 31, 2008 – 142 lbs

Found out I was pregnant on September 1, 2008

**GAINED 60 lbs with pregnancy..but lost it all!


May 27, 2009 – Weight as of today is 143 lbs


May 19, 2010 – Had my 3rd baby ( gained 60 lbs…again..)

May 20, 2010 – 204 lbs

August 31, 2010 – 170.9 lbs ( still losing babyweight!)


January 10, 2011 – 160.9 lbs ( still losing that baby weight…SLOWLY!)


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  1. wow!!! i have to say, even though we’re complete strangers, i am SO happy for you! as i scrolled down, your photos kept getting happier and happier… congratulation! 🙂

  2. thanks Lindsay! – I appreciate it….:> And thanks for taking a peak at my story.

  3. Absolutely AMAZING Heather!! I am so glad everything went well and you are getting and earning your results!!

  4. You are such an inspiration Heather…good for you and that you continue to be healthy and happy.

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