I love photography.  My camera is a Canon 20-D  and it does way more than I even know how. But that just means there is a lot of room for improvement on my part. I enjoy the practicing part of getting better anyway.

You’ll be able to come here and see my love of photography through my photos.  Taking hundreds of pictures a week, and then choosing just a few to share is indeed tough, but I’m up for the challenge!

I’ll be sharing a pictures OFTEN, so check back LOTS!

12/20/2009 – This month has been such a delightful time to celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ.  Our sweet Jules, 16 1/2 mths in this picture, is such a sweet bright spirit, full-of-enery, truly.  I think this picture, especially her eyes, really captures her personality.

12/14/2009 – Our friends Anna and Mike Burgess had their 1st Annual Ugly Sweater Party last December ( 08′).  And since they moved, our friends Jen and Andy Steele continued the tradition and were fantastic hosts this year.  It was such a fun evening with friends and amazing delicious food to enjoy the fun of the holidays.  Here are the dear gals that attended from our ClarksvilleMomsnKids.

11/24/2009 – This Thanksgiving we spent it here in Clarksville, TN.  My mother-in-law Pat, and her boyfriend Paul came to spend the holiday with us and it was certainly a good time.  We haven’t taken a family picture where we are ‘all’ in the picture, so here we are in front of the fireplace on Thanksgiving night.

Our Family on Thanksgiving 2009

09/2009 – Good Morning Sunshine.  The picture makes me smile each time.

Mahaley's first day of preschool this year. Here is what I found when I went to wake her so we weren't late.

06/15/09 – This month several friends I’ve been friends with for years got together for our annual college girlfriends weekend get-together.  This year we met in Kingsport, TN and talked, ate, talked, ate, laughed! Pretty much in that order! Kristen and Denise ( back row) I met in 1993, fall of my freshman year of college. Grace ( front left) I met fall 1989 my freshman year of high school and Millie (front right) I met in 4th grade!! Talk about long-time friends. What a blessing!

Longtime Friends...THEN...AND NOW

06/03/09 –

Day 1 on vacation in South Carolina. Girls with my mom in backyard. Day 1 on vacation in South Carolina. Girls with my mom in backyard.

05/19/09 — PICTURE of the WEEK

Jules at 9 1/2 months during tummytime

Jules at 9 1/2 months during tummytime


One response to “photography

  1. Jules always has the sweetest expressions…
    I can not wait to get to play with her in a few weeks when they come to SC for a visit. I miss my little carrot tops!!!

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