I’ll have Cinnamon with that~

Being a mom in my household means that I begin my day around 625am by quietly feeding my son his morning bottle, and then laying him back down to in his crib as he usually sleeps another hour before really waking for the day.  Once he is settled, I typically head back to my bed for a 15 minute burst of sleep.  Surprisingly, I’m able to fall back asleep no problem and enjoy that little bit of extra rest.

Then, I wake so I can go and quietly awake my daughter that needs to get ready for kindergarten.  To make this process as smooth as possible, she picks out her clothes for school the evening before, everything from her belt to her shoes all laying in one pile.  So no clothing stress.  Still, saying that my daughter is not a morning person is putting it very very nicely.  She does so much better if she wakes on her own, more so like on Saturday mornings.  But since we don’t have that luxury on school days, we begin the process something like this.

I walk into the dark room, thinking I am going to quietly stroke her hair and get her up, but my two-year old that is also in the room in her crib, on this Monday morning, is ready to wake too.  And after I walk over to get her, it actually stirs my kindergartener, so she is up as well.  So far, things are going well.

On most mornings breakfast allows for a choice.  Either a choice of cereals, eggs or a choice on fruit, but on this morning I share that oatmeal is the breakfast of the day.  Although my children do like oatmeal quite a bit , the statementtoday about oatmeal causes some tears, sadness and ‘almost’ tantrum-like scenarios.  After calmly stating that the breakfast choice will remain regardless of displeasing behavior, we’re quickly distracted by seeing who can get dressed independently and arriving in the kitchen ready to eat.

I at this point return to the kitchen, with success I make oatmeal for the kids. I’m feeling pretty good at this point.  I even make and pack a school lunch.  Now, I’m feeling really good and offer to make my husband some oatmeal with blueberries.

I repeat all of the above steps.  But just one small difference.  Instead of having grabbed and sprinkled cinnamon onto his oatmeal, I grabbed by mistake the Southwestern Seasoning Mix.  Now you just have to love making breakfast for your family without your glasses or contacts.  Sometimes those small details really do matter.


Free Spaghetti Entree – Fazoli’s Near you!

I love free and every little bit helps!  I just went to the Fazoli site and registered and received an email coupon for a free spaghetti entree.

Get yours now in case there is a limited number of these!

Thanks to Frugal Girls for passing this information along!

Books *Almost* a Million

I just received on my front porch today 2 books for my graduate classes.  I ordered them from 2 various sources as I am always on the lookout to find the best rate.  And taking into consideration that even one of them is a used book, my grand total for these two books comes to $187.51!

Clearly it has been awhile since I have purchased college textbooks. Fourteen years to be exact.  And although things have come along way in the last fourteen years regarding the options one has to get college textbooks, it still just seems so expensive.

When searching for my books I found half.com to be the website which had the books for the cheapest amount.  Plus, I was able to do it through Ebates.com and get some cashback on my purchase.  If you do any form of on-line shopping, sign up for an Ebates account.  Sometimes it may take awhile for you to see some of your money back.  But if you look at it as a way to save something, which you knew you were already going to be buying online, every little penny saved, is a penny saved!

And additionally there was a coupon code available for $5.00 off a purchase for first-timers that I was able to take advantage of on the Half.com website.

If you have favorite sites which you really like using to buy college textbooks, please share!

In the Thick of It

I recently came to the realization that I am totally winging it when it comes to potty-training my two-year-old.  She is nothing like my oldest ( imagine that) regarding her interest in potty-training, and I cannot help but chuckle inside.  Logically I know that she will not be going to kindergarten wearing diapers.  So that means, that surely she’ll be diaper-free and wearing ‘dry’ panties surely in the next 2.5 years.

Let me first start this by saying she is the one that seemed to be expressing an interest in the idea/concept of potty-training.

1) Loved Talking about the ‘Potty’ when her big sister needed to go

2) Wanted to sit on the potty

3) Wanted to Flush the Potty

4) Wanted to assist any and everyone with getting toilet paper

5) Pulling her diaper off at bed-time in her crib

6) Then recently, trying to take off her diaper during the day, after she has already gone.

So, to me, this was saying she did have an interest.  She was having some discomfort when she felt wet, and I didn’t want to ‘restrain’ her from going.  Clearly I’m not really ready to train her, but certainly was willing to go with her energy.

Thus far, I’ve had about 4 separate days of potty-training with varied results. A few positive experiences include:

*Getting her to go on the potty first thing in the morning without going in her crib (yes, I am brave.  Sent her to bed in panties)

*Her going after nap-time as soon as she awakened

*She will sit on the potty periodically when told to try, but she doesn’t go potty.  We’ve read books, listened to water, sung songs, counted to 10, and still nothing, no matter how long it has been since she last went.

The negative experiences I have had include:

*If she is in panties, which is what she wears when we’re training at home, she reluctantly will try, but doesn’t go on the potty.

*Lots of accidents, but I know this is to be expected.

I told my husband earlier that if I didn’t laugh at the day I had today, I’d cry otherwise, so I just prayed for a gentle care-free attitude, and did laugh.  But after offering a lot of juice all morning, setting a timer, and offering the potty at 30 minutes, then again in 15 minute intervals, and paying very close attention to her every move, she did decide to ‘go potty’ on my rug during the 2 minute phone call I received today when I was ‘not on my a-game’!  And I must be honest and say that trying to tend to her potty training needs and care for an eight month old is harder than I imagined it to be.

And so now, I’m just going to say that I have been praying, and praying for guidance and patience in this process.  Afterall, I think I’ll say a generic prayer right now to all those out there in the world potty-training.  We all can use the prayers.

Free Meal for Kids at MOE’S

I love Moe’s.  Currently, you can go to the Moe’s website and get a free kid’s meal, with the purchase of an adult meal for $5 or more!  I just went and signed one up, and my husband did as well.

Super exciting to save money and especially while eating wonderful food at Moe’s with the kiddos.


Thanks Southern Savers for sharing this information and passing it along!


A Clean Desk Helps!

As I sit here listening to the dishwasher run, I realize that February is nearly here and I need to begin putting my menu and grocery list together for February.  My desk has piles on it, that just really grew in the last two weeks.  How quickly these things can happen, right? Yes, very fast indeed.

My friend Christy would certainly be an inspiration as she really helped me a lot in Tennessee when I was getting my office organized.  But since she isn’t here, and I do know how to get things back into a more orderly place, I need to just do it.  Why is it that when the night is calm, and quiet, and there is no one around to distract me from getting these piles tended to, I often go to bed, and the piles never get touched?    I think sometimes being a mom and being ‘on’ all day long, causes me to just unwind in my own, less than productive way, come the last couple hours of the evening.

It took less than 30 minutes, once I stopped procrastinating.  And my desk doesn’t look too bad either.    Now, I can begin menu planning, gathering all the needed documents for our tax preparation, and sorting of coupons.

Let the fun begin!

Transitioning —-And so Exciting!

I am starting a Master’s degree program in Management and Leadership in March and will be going to school full-time in the evenings.  That, combined with the love I have for my commitment to God, my family, my friends and my church, I’ve decided that I will keep my Pampered Chef website up and going for customers that want to order, but regarding doing parties, I did my last this week.

I am almost at a loss of words to tell you how elated I am at the transitional crossroads which I find myself.  My last Pampered Chef Party which was this past Monday, was fun and a great last dance, so to say.  Having been a Director with The Pampered Chef during my three and a half years and meeting so many wonderful people, I found it to be  extremely rewarding and beneficial not only to me, but also to my family in so many countless ways.

Having never done any type of direct sales in my entire life, I was a little apprehensive to consider doing Pampered Chef because I didn’t think that I was ‘that’ kind of a person that did direct sales.

I struggled with this decision for quite some time as to whether I should continue, or stop. But then I realized that the flexibility that this company provides me, allows for me to realize that I’m just entering a new season of my life and this is what is going to work for me, now.

The Pampered Chef can really make your dreams come true.  So please allow it to be a part of your life, if you are open to all the possibilities!
I never would have soared with this company if it weren’t for the support ( AND PERSISTENCE) of my recruiter, Missy Ciccolella and my director Mary Grant.
I never would have gone to a Pampered Chef conference if it weren’t for the personal call from Missy and Mary telling me I needed to go and that it would change me. They were right.

And so I can thank them both for the $104,000. 00 career sales I accomplished in 3+ years.  I can thank them for the 22 recruits that joined the company under my leadership, and I can thank them for the AMAZING fully-paid free trip I earned to Disney World this past summer for my entire family and my mom!

I just want to make sure you get that my message isn’t to quit, but to know what you want, and when you decide what that is, go after it full throttle!