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It’s been 9 years!

10-3-2014 – My 9 year anniversary from my weight loss surgery


I live in South Carolina now. I have three children that all attend school all day long. I live in the same town as my parents. Man, oh, man has life changed a lot in the last year. But today, I stop to celebrate 9 years since my weight loss surgery. More so, I should say today I celebrate the day I made the most difficult decision of my life. But you know what? I completely was at peace with the decision then, and today, nine years later I’m still thankful and enjoying the new opportunity to live with less..Including less weight!  They surgery I had is called Gastric Bypass ( – RNY) and it was done laparoscopically. Losing 125+ lbs certainly is a life-changer!

Today I weigh 176 lbs, and although I am excited to work on losing 30 lbs, I am absolutely thankful that my hope is not in the size of my body, nor in the number of people that believe in me or are proud of my accomplishment. No, absolutely not. My hope and joy is in Jesus Christ alone and I am thankful for every single day that I have breath.

If you want to learn more about my journey, I welcome you to click here –my weight loss link for my entire weightloss journey.  I don’t share this each year for glory or to say, “Hey, look at me, I’m awesome.” But that stark reality is that I do it to publicly remind myself, as well as those that are new in my life that I am completely unashamed of all that I have experienced and I’m happy to share my story if it helps, encourages, or gives someone else hope on their weight loss journey.


What a ride! Life has been great and it feels great to still have the majority of the weight off since my weight loss surgery back in October 2005 when I weighed in at 313 lbs.


Since I had surgery (Gastric Bypass – RNY), I have had 2 additional children (totaling three) and I’ve moved several times. I’m not an advocate to say everyone that is morbidly obese needs to have surgery. But what I can say is that I used it as a tool to help me lose weight. It was a great momentum to continue on the weight loss journey to a healthier me. If you really like photos, be sure and read below. It’s my entire story in detail to include many many photos.

If you want to see more of what I’m up to, you can come check out the business I created and operate If you live in Elizabethtown (or near Fort Knox) this is a wonderful resource!


Today marks a very special day in my life.  It was on this very day six years ago that I had gastric bypass surgery.  I am so thankful that I did this as I feel it changed my life forever.  The new found energy that I had as I began to lose weight gave me a sense of ‘the real me’ that I always personally felt was there, despite the aches and pains I physically felt, along with the snickering, rude comments and unkind words I had heard my entire life.

It was a huge decision that I didn’t take lightly.  Having the support of my husband, family, and close friends made it all that much easier for me.  So, I always fondly think of this day, as a stepping stone in a healthier me!

To see my entire journey, please feel free to look at my weight loss link.  I’m an open book.  Today, I weigh 155.5 lbs, and although I still have about 9 lbs of baby weight from my third child I want to lose, I’m very content with where I am, and where I have come from.


Feeling Physically Renewed!

So, I will admit that it has been a long time since I have purposefully, and independently I might add (quietly) exercised with the purpose to lose weight.

Being the mom to three small children, definitely keeps me active. Of course! But I mean, me, by myself, going to do something all by myself. It has been a really LONG time!  But that has come to an end and my desire to exercise, and jumpstart this babyweight coming off is officially ignited!

It has been *almost* 12 weeks since my sweet son was born, and I won’t be able to use the ‘ I just had a baby’ line much longer! I know, I know, it didn’t come on overnight, so I do not expect it to disappear overnight either, but I’m ready to get back to a comfortable weight.

All of my summer clothes don’t fit, because last summer, I was a size 8-10.  And since I’m just 30lbs down since having had a baby, and still 32 more lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight, that means I’ve got to get back into my old clothes soon!  Another season of clothes is quickly approaching.

I did buy a new pair of jeans to help me in the transition time,but I refuse to invest money into a temporary wardrobe. That being said, maybe I’ll venture down to Goodwill and try and find a few ‘get me through’ items.

Tonight was night number 2 of my exercising.  I get my Ipod on and hit the street after the kiddos are fast asleep.  Wayne and I typically take turns.  He goes first, then I go.  He prefers going to a park, or walking path, but I’m very happy with just doing several cycles on my dead-end street.

So, I’m cutting back my Mountain Dew intake drastically.  I had none yesterday, and today, I had only one! {THIS IS HUGE FOR ME!}.  And, I’m incorporating water into my regular daily diet.  Did I mention I really cannot stand water, but logically know I need to drink more water!

And it doesn’t help that I can’t find my bathroom scale since the move here in July.  It appears to have vanished.  Guess I’ll have to wait until I have a 2 week follow-up appointment at my primary care doctor’s office.  Maybe that is a good thing.  I have a little obsession with the scale.