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Fall Festival Fun!

So many thoughts, so little time.  That is how I feel sometimes in the life I lead.  I enjoy blogging, and I do enjoy reading other people’s blogs that are of interest to me, but right now my blog has taken a backseat to what feels like a busy season.

I’ll hope to get back to a regular blog routine.  Also, I’m hopeful to put more photos on my blog.  My Iphone is certainly a tool I really enjoy, but I find it to be a crutch to my high quality photos I prefer taking with my Canon because it is sometimes just so convenient.  Then getting the photos off of my phone, to my computer downstairs where I like to have my pictures organized, just doesn’t seem to happen!

Now, to the real point of this post!  This Friday (tomorrow) is the Fall Festival here in Elizabethtown for my daughter’s school.  Elizabethtown Christian Academy each year has a really fun evening planned and this year is no exception.  In fact the last two years the weather has altered the location of many activities from outside to inside, but this year, it is looking as if God is going to bless our event with great weather.

So, if you are interested in a fun family night out, or something to do, please check out the information below that will surely help your weekend get off to a great start!

FALL FESTIVAL at Elizabethtown Christian Academy

Friday, September 23rd 6-9pm

401 West Poplar Street (it’s the old Severns Valley Baptist Church Building and does indeed appear like a church building to those new to town or unaware. Just head towards downtown on 31W, and make a left turn by Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Take a right at the first stop sign you come to and you won’t be able to miss it!  Food items are all reasonably prices and tickets will be for sale to enjoy the other fun activities for children.

  • GREAT FOOD (BBQ PORK SANDWICH PLATES, HOT DOG PLATES, just to name a few of the tasty things you can come and enjoy for dinner or a snack!)
  • SILENT AND LIVE AUCTION (held Inside)- Many local and area businesses have donated items such as gift certificates, UK tickets, overnight B&B stays, KY Down Under tickets, Holiday World tickets, etc! Go see the long list of items on Facebook: ECA 5th Annual Fall Festival

Spread the word! It is going to be a fun evening for all! Families, grandparents, kids…ALL WELCOME!



FUN things to keep our children’s minds WORKING!

I am enjoying the summer thus far here in Elizabethtown.  Despite the fact that we are in the middle of a move (on our own) which means packing, packing, and more packing in most of my free time, I love finding various activities around town that are great ideas to keep my children active, and moving!

To me it is not only important to keep their little bodies busy, but it is so important to keep their creativity sparked and their minds cultivated.

Tonight I found two neat options for summer fun and so I wanted to share and make sure you had an opportunity to do these things as your schedules/finances allow.

These fun things to do are not listed in any particular order.


Fiddlesticks is a super cute children’s store in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and through the summer on Thursdays at 7:00pm they advertise to bring the kiddos on down in their favorite pj’s and ready for a fun storytime.  I’m looking forward to checking this one out sometime!

You can visit them on facebook here.


My daughter loves to draw and do crafts and I really liked how these camps are broken down into 3-day camp weeks for 2 hours on each day.  This helps it not cost an arm and a leg, but also doesn’t consume every single day in a given week.

Check out the list of choices by clicking here.  You’ll also see that they have the registration form attached too.  I’ll see if my daughter is interested in any of these.

If you have other tips/ideas/suggestions, please feel free to reply in the comment section!! I’d love to hear your ideas too! Free or cheap is always good too!


This is conveniently located in Elizabethtown on 31W just down the street from Target, but on the opposite side of the road ( see how i turned this into a reference to Target 🙂 -) We went here on my son’s birthday this year because we had family in from out of town, and I was looking for something to do for about 30-45 minutes since the weather was a bit rainy. Oh my!  What neat cars.  Mr. Swope is such a kind man ( I’ll have to blog about the time my family met him last summer some time) and he loves sharing with the community all the many cars he has collected.  I’m not a ‘cars’ person by any stretch of the imagination, but it is fascinating to walk into this museum, and see the beautiful colored cars and styles of yesteryear!  I highly recommend this to you!  Check their website for hours of operation.  You can visit their website directly by clicking here.


Memorial Day Plans – Saving some Money…

Memorial Day weekend we are blessed to be off of work, and are able to spend extra time together because of the long weekend my husband has off from his job.  Originally our plan was to take a fun daytrip tomorrow ( Saturday) to Cincinnati, OH, but once I began doing research, many free for veteran offers has caused us to rearrange our plans and we’ll be making this fun outing to collaborate with some free deals!  If you live in the area, and can take advantage of these savings, this may be something you want to consider also, or at least keep in mind for future outings!

While in Cincinnati, OH  we know we want to see the Creation Museum as well as the Butterfly show at Eden Park’s Krohn Conservatory.  The Butterfly event is only good through June 26, 2011 and I think is going to be very well received by my six,  nearly three and one year old.

Savings on Memorial Day –

1. (We’re saving $24.95 {general admission for 1 adult})  – Creation Museum has free admission  if you’ve served our country in the armed forces to veterans on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and of course, Veteran’s Day!  Also, free admission to dads on Father’s Day, and moms are free on Mother’s Day.

2. {savings of $5.00} – Free admission for military on Memorial Day at the Butterfly Show.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Memorial Day weekend and Memorial day, may we all lift up all our veterans that serve and have served in our country for we have them to be thankful for the freedom which we have in this great nation.


Let’s Pay attention to our Leaders!

It is my sincere prayer that all the people last week that were paying so closely to what decisions were being made in Washington, D.C. that personally affect them will also pay attention come time for elections.

I’ll be the very first to admit that politicians sometimes seem to talk so much rhetoric, that I often believe they are speaking a different language.  I think I am not alone when I say there are a large number of Americans that really do want to see our country run differently, and more efficiently than how it currently is being handled.  Though we know it did not get like this overnight, it also isn’t going to get fixed overnight.  But turning a blind eye, and not paying attention isn’t going to make it all fix itself either, or go-away and dissapear.

Let’s educate ourselves and back what we believe with true valid facts.  I’ll be the first one to say that Donald Trump seems like a candidate that can have my vote!  Sure, he may have hair that makes me chuckle, and I love hearing him speak and use one word about four times in a thirty second news clip (i.e. “seriously”) but he at least makes sense that I can understand what his stand would be on varying issues and I think there is a lot of validity to the idea of someone that isn’t a politician so-to-say, and really is a businessman that knows what he is doing.  It certainly would be a good shot!

I’ll have Cinnamon with that~

Being a mom in my household means that I begin my day around 625am by quietly feeding my son his morning bottle, and then laying him back down to in his crib as he usually sleeps another hour before really waking for the day.  Once he is settled, I typically head back to my bed for a 15 minute burst of sleep.  Surprisingly, I’m able to fall back asleep no problem and enjoy that little bit of extra rest.

Then, I wake so I can go and quietly awake my daughter that needs to get ready for kindergarten.  To make this process as smooth as possible, she picks out her clothes for school the evening before, everything from her belt to her shoes all laying in one pile.  So no clothing stress.  Still, saying that my daughter is not a morning person is putting it very very nicely.  She does so much better if she wakes on her own, more so like on Saturday mornings.  But since we don’t have that luxury on school days, we begin the process something like this.

I walk into the dark room, thinking I am going to quietly stroke her hair and get her up, but my two-year old that is also in the room in her crib, on this Monday morning, is ready to wake too.  And after I walk over to get her, it actually stirs my kindergartener, so she is up as well.  So far, things are going well.

On most mornings breakfast allows for a choice.  Either a choice of cereals, eggs or a choice on fruit, but on this morning I share that oatmeal is the breakfast of the day.  Although my children do like oatmeal quite a bit , the statementtoday about oatmeal causes some tears, sadness and ‘almost’ tantrum-like scenarios.  After calmly stating that the breakfast choice will remain regardless of displeasing behavior, we’re quickly distracted by seeing who can get dressed independently and arriving in the kitchen ready to eat.

I at this point return to the kitchen, with success I make oatmeal for the kids. I’m feeling pretty good at this point.  I even make and pack a school lunch.  Now, I’m feeling really good and offer to make my husband some oatmeal with blueberries.

I repeat all of the above steps.  But just one small difference.  Instead of having grabbed and sprinkled cinnamon onto his oatmeal, I grabbed by mistake the Southwestern Seasoning Mix.  Now you just have to love making breakfast for your family without your glasses or contacts.  Sometimes those small details really do matter.

Free Spaghetti Entree – Fazoli’s Near you!

I love free and every little bit helps!  I just went to the Fazoli site and registered and received an email coupon for a free spaghetti entree.

Get yours now in case there is a limited number of these!

Thanks to Frugal Girls for passing this information along!

Books *Almost* a Million

I just received on my front porch today 2 books for my graduate classes.  I ordered them from 2 various sources as I am always on the lookout to find the best rate.  And taking into consideration that even one of them is a used book, my grand total for these two books comes to $187.51!

Clearly it has been awhile since I have purchased college textbooks. Fourteen years to be exact.  And although things have come along way in the last fourteen years regarding the options one has to get college textbooks, it still just seems so expensive.

When searching for my books I found to be the website which had the books for the cheapest amount.  Plus, I was able to do it through and get some cashback on my purchase.  If you do any form of on-line shopping, sign up for an Ebates account.  Sometimes it may take awhile for you to see some of your money back.  But if you look at it as a way to save something, which you knew you were already going to be buying online, every little penny saved, is a penny saved!

And additionally there was a coupon code available for $5.00 off a purchase for first-timers that I was able to take advantage of on the website.

If you have favorite sites which you really like using to buy college textbooks, please share!