Graduate School is Musical Mondays

Some days are filled with laundry, spilled apple-juice, potty-training , chasing my fifteen month-old son everywhere, after school pick-up, fixing oatmeal and full-time graduate school. There are many many other things included in my schedule too, but for now it all seems to work.  It works because I feel I’m really enjoying my school courses and my husband is such a team player.

I’m pursuing a master’s in Management and Leadership with Webster University.  The program has been enjoyable so far.  Full-time graduate school means taking two classes each term.  The term schedule is nine weeks long.  So that means it is very fast-paced, and you have to keep on top of assignments, especially papers with fifteen references.  I’m taking one class in person on campus, which is a convenient eight miles from our home.  Then, I take an online course as well.  The reason I chose to split it up this way is because it was one less night I would need to be out of the house.  It gives me that in person class experience, which I quite enjoy.  That said, I really think my personality and enjoyment of communication via the computer really likes the online atmosphere as well.  So for me, it is really a good fit.

When I have to go to  my in-person class, it means that I fix dinner about 3:15pm and leave instructions for my husband on how to warm/serve it.  My oldest daughter finishes up her homework, and I prepare a to-go snack for all three kids.  Then after gathering all the needed materials for my class, we leave the house, and head towards my school parking lot.  It is there that I feed my fifteen month old his dinner in the car, and await for my husband to arrive so we can do the official ‘switch’.  In the winter months I even have the kids bathed and in pajama’s.  He then takes the kids back home to finish out the evening and I then am able to go to my class (sometimes, I even have 4 minutes to spare).

It’s one day a week.  We create a sense of normalcy for the kids by keeping our routine, and we even have a name for it.  We call it ‘Musical Monday’.  This is because of the game musical chairs and my very first class was on a Monday.  Even though I haven’t had another Monday class, the name stuck.  Very thankful for a husband that helps out as much as he does.  It gives the kids extra quality time with dad and really is working well for us.

If all keeps on track, I should be graduating in May 2012.

This is good news.



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