Chicken – A new spin with some of my favorite ingredients!

I love garlic.  If you don’t, then you can simply stop reading now in an effort to find a new recipe.  However, if you love great flavors and you love garlic for flavor you must add these ingredients to your shopping list ASAP as you will get wonderful results and have a meal that will leave your family, or company asking for the recipe.  And, they’ll want more!

It is no secret I am a huge fan of Ina Garten and all her cooking expertise.  As I was watching a DVR’d episode of her show Barefoot Contessa recently, I saw her making Lemon Chicken Breasts.  I was half-way paying attention because I’ve made many of her chicken dishes before and thought this was just like the ones I had made already.  But, when I saw that she was using chicken breasts, rather than a whole chicken, that got my attention.  Then I noticed she was preparing it differently than other recipes I had seen, and it looked like I should try it!

Well, I did!  I made it this past weekend when friends of ours were coming over for a Saturday evening meal to just relax and enjoy.  I found the preparation of this Lemon Chicken to be very easy.  Sometimes I find lemon to be a flavor that I’m not sure I really enjoy with meats/seafood.  But in this dish, it was spot on, perfect, and wonderfully scrumptious.

Substitutions:  I didn’t have on hand the wine called for in the recipe, therefore I substituted chicken broth for the wine.  My chicken breasts were thinly sliced, therefore they cooked more quickly than the time in the recipe.  Aside from these minor changes, I made it exactly as written and am here again to say that I love Ina Garten!~

Easy Preparation: – This was very easy to put together.  I had it ready in my 9 x 13 pan about 3 hours before I was ready to cook it.  So, when it was time to finalize the meal, all I had to do was pop it out of the refrigerator, and pop it in the oven and cook it up.  That extra time of soaking in the marinade surely made it absorb even more into the chicken and caused the flavors to really marry.

Click here for the Lemon Chicken Breast recipe by Ina Garten.

Happy Cooking!


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