FUN things to keep our children’s minds WORKING!

I am enjoying the summer thus far here in Elizabethtown.  Despite the fact that we are in the middle of a move (on our own) which means packing, packing, and more packing in most of my free time, I love finding various activities around town that are great ideas to keep my children active, and moving!

To me it is not only important to keep their little bodies busy, but it is so important to keep their creativity sparked and their minds cultivated.

Tonight I found two neat options for summer fun and so I wanted to share and make sure you had an opportunity to do these things as your schedules/finances allow.

These fun things to do are not listed in any particular order.


Fiddlesticks is a super cute children’s store in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and through the summer on Thursdays at 7:00pm they advertise to bring the kiddos on down in their favorite pj’s and ready for a fun storytime.  I’m looking forward to checking this one out sometime!

You can visit them on facebook here.


My daughter loves to draw and do crafts and I really liked how these camps are broken down into 3-day camp weeks for 2 hours on each day.  This helps it not cost an arm and a leg, but also doesn’t consume every single day in a given week.

Check out the list of choices by clicking here.  You’ll also see that they have the registration form attached too.  I’ll see if my daughter is interested in any of these.

If you have other tips/ideas/suggestions, please feel free to reply in the comment section!! I’d love to hear your ideas too! Free or cheap is always good too!


This is conveniently located in Elizabethtown on 31W just down the street from Target, but on the opposite side of the road ( see how i turned this into a reference to Target 🙂 -) We went here on my son’s birthday this year because we had family in from out of town, and I was looking for something to do for about 30-45 minutes since the weather was a bit rainy. Oh my!  What neat cars.  Mr. Swope is such a kind man ( I’ll have to blog about the time my family met him last summer some time) and he loves sharing with the community all the many cars he has collected.  I’m not a ‘cars’ person by any stretch of the imagination, but it is fascinating to walk into this museum, and see the beautiful colored cars and styles of yesteryear!  I highly recommend this to you!  Check their website for hours of operation.  You can visit their website directly by clicking here.



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