I’ll have Cinnamon with that~

Being a mom in my household means that I begin my day around 625am by quietly feeding my son his morning bottle, and then laying him back down to in his crib as he usually sleeps another hour before really waking for the day.  Once he is settled, I typically head back to my bed for a 15 minute burst of sleep.  Surprisingly, I’m able to fall back asleep no problem and enjoy that little bit of extra rest.

Then, I wake so I can go and quietly awake my daughter that needs to get ready for kindergarten.  To make this process as smooth as possible, she picks out her clothes for school the evening before, everything from her belt to her shoes all laying in one pile.  So no clothing stress.  Still, saying that my daughter is not a morning person is putting it very very nicely.  She does so much better if she wakes on her own, more so like on Saturday mornings.  But since we don’t have that luxury on school days, we begin the process something like this.

I walk into the dark room, thinking I am going to quietly stroke her hair and get her up, but my two-year old that is also in the room in her crib, on this Monday morning, is ready to wake too.  And after I walk over to get her, it actually stirs my kindergartener, so she is up as well.  So far, things are going well.

On most mornings breakfast allows for a choice.  Either a choice of cereals, eggs or a choice on fruit, but on this morning I share that oatmeal is the breakfast of the day.  Although my children do like oatmeal quite a bit , the statementtoday about oatmeal causes some tears, sadness and ‘almost’ tantrum-like scenarios.  After calmly stating that the breakfast choice will remain regardless of displeasing behavior, we’re quickly distracted by seeing who can get dressed independently and arriving in the kitchen ready to eat.

I at this point return to the kitchen, with success I make oatmeal for the kids. I’m feeling pretty good at this point.  I even make and pack a school lunch.  Now, I’m feeling really good and offer to make my husband some oatmeal with blueberries.

I repeat all of the above steps.  But just one small difference.  Instead of having grabbed and sprinkled cinnamon onto his oatmeal, I grabbed by mistake the Southwestern Seasoning Mix.  Now you just have to love making breakfast for your family without your glasses or contacts.  Sometimes those small details really do matter.


One response to “I’ll have Cinnamon with that~

  1. HA!! Poor Wayne

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