Books *Almost* a Million

I just received on my front porch today 2 books for my graduate classes.  I ordered them from 2 various sources as I am always on the lookout to find the best rate.  And taking into consideration that even one of them is a used book, my grand total for these two books comes to $187.51!

Clearly it has been awhile since I have purchased college textbooks. Fourteen years to be exact.  And although things have come along way in the last fourteen years regarding the options one has to get college textbooks, it still just seems so expensive.

When searching for my books I found to be the website which had the books for the cheapest amount.  Plus, I was able to do it through and get some cashback on my purchase.  If you do any form of on-line shopping, sign up for an Ebates account.  Sometimes it may take awhile for you to see some of your money back.  But if you look at it as a way to save something, which you knew you were already going to be buying online, every little penny saved, is a penny saved!

And additionally there was a coupon code available for $5.00 off a purchase for first-timers that I was able to take advantage of on the website.

If you have favorite sites which you really like using to buy college textbooks, please share!


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