A Clean Desk Helps!

As I sit here listening to the dishwasher run, I realize that February is nearly here and I need to begin putting my menu and grocery list together for February.  My desk has piles on it, that just really grew in the last two weeks.  How quickly these things can happen, right? Yes, very fast indeed.

My friend Christy would certainly be an inspiration as she really helped me a lot in Tennessee when I was getting my office organized.  But since she isn’t here, and I do know how to get things back into a more orderly place, I need to just do it.  Why is it that when the night is calm, and quiet, and there is no one around to distract me from getting these piles tended to, I often go to bed, and the piles never get touched?    I think sometimes being a mom and being ‘on’ all day long, causes me to just unwind in my own, less than productive way, come the last couple hours of the evening.

It took less than 30 minutes, once I stopped procrastinating.  And my desk doesn’t look too bad either.    Now, I can begin menu planning, gathering all the needed documents for our tax preparation, and sorting of coupons.

Let the fun begin!


One response to “A Clean Desk Helps!

  1. Do I need to make a road trip? 🙂

    My desk gets crazy too. It’s so centrally located that things are constantly getting set there…. usually by me.

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