Transitioning —-And so Exciting!

I am starting a Master’s degree program in Management and Leadership in March and will be going to school full-time in the evenings.  That, combined with the love I have for my commitment to God, my family, my friends and my church, I’ve decided that I will keep my Pampered Chef website up and going for customers that want to order, but regarding doing parties, I did my last this week.

I am almost at a loss of words to tell you how elated I am at the transitional crossroads which I find myself.  My last Pampered Chef Party which was this past Monday, was fun and a great last dance, so to say.  Having been a Director with The Pampered Chef during my three and a half years and meeting so many wonderful people, I found it to be  extremely rewarding and beneficial not only to me, but also to my family in so many countless ways.

Having never done any type of direct sales in my entire life, I was a little apprehensive to consider doing Pampered Chef because I didn’t think that I was ‘that’ kind of a person that did direct sales.

I struggled with this decision for quite some time as to whether I should continue, or stop. But then I realized that the flexibility that this company provides me, allows for me to realize that I’m just entering a new season of my life and this is what is going to work for me, now.

The Pampered Chef can really make your dreams come true.  So please allow it to be a part of your life, if you are open to all the possibilities!
I never would have soared with this company if it weren’t for the support ( AND PERSISTENCE) of my recruiter, Missy Ciccolella and my director Mary Grant.
I never would have gone to a Pampered Chef conference if it weren’t for the personal call from Missy and Mary telling me I needed to go and that it would change me. They were right.

And so I can thank them both for the $104,000. 00 career sales I accomplished in 3+ years.  I can thank them for the 22 recruits that joined the company under my leadership, and I can thank them for the AMAZING fully-paid free trip I earned to Disney World this past summer for my entire family and my mom!

I just want to make sure you get that my message isn’t to quit, but to know what you want, and when you decide what that is, go after it full throttle!



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