Potty Training in the Snow?

Well, no not literally, but it seems that January is the ‘pick’ month of the Heuman family for potty training.  It has been a very small thought in the back, way back, of my mind regarding potty training for my second child.

But since many days already seem to be filling my plate , I wasn’t really looking forward to the start of that process, honestly.  However, my daughter had other plans.

It started earlier in the week, where she used the potty when she let me know she was needing to go ‘potty’.  And since she often lets me know when she needs to be changed, and then today, showed a huge interest in the potty, we’re just going for it.

So today, aside from a 1 hour outing that I just wasn’t willing to do without a diaper, she has been wearing panties all day.  And, she went to bed, wearing panties.

Praying for God’s strength on this one.  The upside?  The end result could be not buying diapers for 2 kids anymore. A very nice upside, especially to the budget!

More to come…

1/11/11 – 2:11pm – Ok, so my attempts lasted for 2 days.  And it wasn’t that I quit because it was getting tough.  It was more so a matter that she isn’t holding her bladder through the night, which is a sign of readiness, so I just am holding back for awhile.

Sigh of relief if I’m being honest.



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