Happy New Year – That’s what it’s all about

I sit here on this rainy New Year’s Day, and my two-year old is at my left arm trying to get into my lap. She isn’t alone.  She comes bearing gifts such as her blanky, the Leap Frog Fridge Phonics, playing the letter “U” and she continuously presses it over and over again.

The morning is young as we’ve been awake only about 2.5 hours, but still, it feels like a long 2.5 hours to me.  Constantly trying to provide entertainment for my children, coming up with ways to be fun I find often to be daunting and a challenge.   I want to nuture them, but I also want to equip their minds to play independently and be self-sustaining.  I work hard at trying to be ‘crafty’ and do fun things, but I feel there is not a good balance, and that my 6 year-old and 2 year-old feel they need to be entertained by me 24/7.  And I’m here to tell you that is an exhausting feeling, especially when you have a 7 month-old you also are loving on and training.

I love my children.  So much I do.  But when it has been only a few days since Christmas, and the house is filled with new toys, I get frustrated that none of those things seem like they provide entertainment to my children.  They just want me.  Now, mind you I am quite flattered.  But I really believe in my heart that children can play independently without direct interaction from me, or any adult for that matter.

For so long I wondered what can I blog about.  I have so many random thoughts that I want to share, but I sometimes catch myself saying ‘that’ wouldn’t be something blog-worthy to others that are looking for some inspiration.   But the reality is a blog is meant to be genuine and passionate.

So from this point out, you will continue to see blog posts from me about similar things which have always been on my blog.  But it will also be other things that I may have not blogged about in the past.  It is going to be real.  It is going to be genuine, and possibly raw.  But most importantly I hope that you find it to be real, and encouraging.  Encouraging in the way that if you too share these feelings at times you may realize that you are not alone.

And so my timer of 10 minutes writing this blog is about to go off, so I’m off to get out the bubbles like I said I would and share some giggle and laughter time with my sweet girls.

Happy New Year!


3 responses to “Happy New Year – That’s what it’s all about

  1. Oh Heather, I greatly understand how you feel…thankfully the Christmas toys haven’t worn off at our house *yet*, but I find when they are sleepy or continue to say “I’m bored” or “Come play with me”, what they really need is someone to remind them of the great things they got for Christmas and pull something out that they can play with independently. My kids are 3 1/2 years apart and are just beginning to play together now that Jase is 2 1/2; and that is very encouraging to me. But I, like you, have to limit my computer time to only during Jase’s naptime and at night after they both go to bed. I really look forward to your posts, Heather, and I pray that this year the Lord will bless you as you raise your children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Not an easy job, but one that He rewards and I am thankful that your blog shares the same feelings and that sometimes I go, “Ah, yes, now that’s how I feel!! Thank the Lord someone else is out there like me!” I know you don’t live in Columbia anymore, but whenever you’re back in SC visiting, please let me know! Karen

  2. Love this, Heather. So right there with you. I love all of your posts that keep it all so very real and inspiring. The more random and real, the oh-so blog-worthy. Happy New Year to you and your family. (And now, I will go back to searching for my misplaced timer and my ten minutes to blog!) =)

  3. Karen- thanks! My two are also ‘at times’ just beginning to play together, and when that happens, I absolutely love it! Thanks for reading my blog!
    Not sure when we’ll be back in Columbia ( spring/summer) but I’d love to meet up.
    Melissa – Thanks for your kind words too! Hope you found your timer.

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