Snow (and Ice) Days!

This week my daughter has missed two days of school due to weather.  Earlier in the week it was the beautiful powder snow that I’ve hardly experienced in my life.  There always seems to be the ice mixture at the same time with most snow experiences I have had in my life.  So, I found it quite wonderful to be playing with my two girls in the front yard, all dressed in our winter gear from head to toes!  Mind you I knew it wasn’t going to be that long.  My oldest, five, was ready to go to a warmer location after about 10 minutes.  And then there is my two year old.  She was ready to stay and play just a little longer.  Considering it was about 14 degrees on that day, I think that I did a great job bundling them up, because I don’t think she really was feeling the cold affect, aside from her face and cheeks.  Wonderful and free memories playing in the snow with my girls.  To help you get a better visual, imagine my husband, who is on crutches because of a recent foot surgery, sitting in his recliner which we had pulled right up to the glass door.  This gave him a front row preview to our attempts at a snowman.  Making a snowman is not an easy endeavor with just powdery snow.  No matter my attempts at compacting it, and making it stick, it just wasn’t happening.  Same was true when I attempted to make a snowball to throw it at my children.  So, I just grabbed handfuls of snow and threw it up, and we had lots of falling snow.

Today school is canceled because of the ice storm that came in last night and put a nice layer of ice on everything.  And after a fun morning making reindeer puppets, eating pancakes, frosted sugar cookies, and a tasty lunch, all the kids are nestled in their beds.

A hot chocolate with marshmellows is calling my name.  And so, I must go.

Fun Times!


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