Getting Ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas simotaneously!

This is one of the first years that I feel I’m truly so ready for the holiday season to begin and am totally embracing it!

By that I mean, I’m not frustrated when I see the Christmas decor going up right after Halloween passes in the stores.  I love when I hear that the church was having a “Christmas in the Morning” women’s event on November 6th.  I’m actually contemplating getting my Christmas decorations down tomorrow, and I’ll be working on my grocery list for Thanksgiving at the same time.  I so need to find a fantastic pumpkin pie recipe.  If you know of one, do please share.  I think I’ll look first in my Paula Deen cookbook and see if she has one.

I do not think that the planning of decor, or the Christmas music takes away from Thanksgiving at all.   I’m able to totally be thrilled about both, but I guess I love celebrating Advent, and the entire month of December thinking of the birth of Jesus, so I like the anticipation of all the decor.  Though I totally am not advocating the commercialization that the media and pop culture creates (i.e. Santa, shopping beyond your means and buying just because it is Black Friday) but I love the spirit of the Christmas season.  I think I only even like the idea hot chocolate at Christmas time, assuming it is cold of course.

I think the only reason I’ve convinced my husband it is a good idea to get out the Christmas decor tomorrow is because he is having foot surgery the day before Thanksgiving, and I know we won’t be able to get it all out if we wait.

So there is just one more positive result of his upcoming surgery.


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