Facebook and Social Media moments

I have been into social media before facebook presented itself as the ‘it’ thing.  I say that because it seems to be a part of my personality.  I enjoy connecting with others from all over, building friendships, and cultivating those from years past.

And of course, for anyone who uses Facebook, we know that when you take such varying people, from all walks of life, and circumstances, and moral compasses, that we won’t all be the same in nature regarding our status updates, or habits on Facebook.

Which is why this past week it began to frustrate me a little some people make comments indicating they just did a clean sweep of their friends list and deleted mass quantities of folks.  Since said persons had been deleted, I wonder if they posted this as their status update to make themselves feel better, or if they are giving some kind of a message to those which they are still friends with that they too are disposable?  It seems so high school.  Or a bad depiction of what high school can be I suppose.  And yet another thing that frustrates me some is that people often have such strong convictions about people posting in such a way that comes off as boastful.
The reality is that it is 2010 and you can make facebook be whatever it is you want to be.  You obviously can delete anyone you want, or hide them so you don’t have to see their annoying comments continuously, but maybe it boils down to why you use Facebook in the first place?  If it is just to see comments from people that say things exactly as you would, then feel free to create that environment.

Let’s phase it.  I love posting pictures, successful recipes, random thoughts which come to me ( this can be dangerous),  accomplishments, and on ocassion things that me me go “Hmmmm?”.

And briefly ( about 5 days) I started to modify posting and doing so very infrequently.  But that is silly.  (The silly part is to stop for that reason.  If I choose to not post as often for other reasons, that is a totally different thing).

I have also pondered if my frustrations with the intolerance of others kind of makes me intolerant in my own regard? Maybe so.  But I’m going to keep on keeping on and that means I’ll keep posting the things that I find to be of interest, and that I want to share.


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