Mean Mr. Volleyball Man!

As I type this email there is an empty Ghiradelli chocolate wrapper next to me, along side my caffeine free Montain-Dew.  Now, mind you, it was a small mini-size, so that makes it ok, right?

God continues to show me himself in many situations.  Like tonight as I played volleyball with a not-so-nice man ( or maybe in his defense I should say a very competitive man, with bad sportsmanship)!!  I gave him a ‘look’ and I think he understood.  The look basically said, ‘back off or I will bite’.  And I’m glad he did, because I had rehearsed in my head what I was going to say.

I was either going to walk off the court, and just leave.  But then I thought more about it, while we played more, and I didn’t like that idea.  So I had rehearsed and decided I was going to say, “Sir, despite you, and your unsupportive verbal, and non-verbal comments, I’m still going to come back next week.”  I did hurt my left wrist a bit, so even typing this is a bit painful.  But, I’m sure the pain will fade, as will my frustration for this man.  In fact, it coming to me right now as I type this, that I need to just pray for this man.  Maybe he had a bad day.  Regardless, I need to die to self, and show Christ’s love.  So, although these weren’t exactly the thoughts I felt in the moment a few hours ago (obviously based on my previous paragraph), I will pray for him before I go to bed this evening, and for my own heart to be transformed.


2 responses to “Mean Mr. Volleyball Man!

  1. That’s My Girl!! I am so proud of the woman you have become!

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