Kicking up my Creativeness with Fun!

I love love love my children to pieces.  I have always wanted to be a mother and I’m honestly living the dream.  And I will admit that I have never ever been that creative, crafty person.  I think I seek outlets of creativity in the kitchen with cooking and with photography.  But when it comes to buying supplies at Michaels or the local craft store and coming home and doing that project, I lack a lot of ‘natural talent’.

But with that said, my five-year-old loves loves crafts!  I have raised her with the notion that craft time can be fun, and tried very hard to provide her with experiences that would help her agree with this thought.  But it is really time for me to kick it up a notch on my belt.

This week is fall break here in Kentucky for our schools so I am having some wonderful playtime with my sweet kindergartener that is home this week.  Today we did a leaf activity which was fun, and I’ve found some additional things we’re going to do very soon!

I was so happy to stumble upon some great websites tonight that really are for me. Very clear, lots of pictures showing and explaining exactly how to do the activity and the photo of the finished product to motivate me to get started in the first place!

This blog, is wonderful! I have added it to my lost of favorite blogs and am so excited to have found it tonight, totally by accident too!

You also should check it out!


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