New Routine

So, it has been awhile that we’ve been doing the school thing for Mahaley.  She is enjoying kindergarten thus far, seems to be flourishing with everything, included with the habits from peers that I’m not too fond of.  But, we’re consistently trying to train her in a way that is uplifting to God in her actions and words and we too are being extra cautious to our use of sarcasm.  If you could only hear the tone in her voice when she says, ” HELLLLOOOO, mom.  Really?”

We’re still getting into a pattern that works for us, but I’m feeling better and better as each day passes.  Now that Wayne has started his new job, and my family has left after a nice 10 day visit with us, this is our first time really implementing this new routine.  And since we learned of Wayne’s hours at work, it is to my extreme delight that I can share it works out perfectly for Wayne to drop Mahaley off at school on his way to work.  This means I don’t have to wake up Jules, and Fulton is able to continue sleeping too!

The new normal looks a little like this:

Fulton wakes at 6am, and drinks his bottle and goes right back to bed.  At that time, both Wayne and Mahaley get up and start their day while I pack Mahaley’s school lunch.  Then, there is typically a small time that both Jules and Fulton are still sleeping and it has proved to be a great chance early in the day, before the hustle of life starts, and I’m able to have a quiet time and pray, and get a few things like the dishwasher unloaded, or start a load of laundry.

Getting up at 6am wouldn’t be my ideal.  In fact I’ve always said I don’t start work until 7am, and I’ve modified my children’s sleep routine to match that.  But with MOPS at 9am, church being around the same timeframe, it really does work out quite nicely because Fulton gets in a nice morning nap before we have to head out.

We’re working on having naptime then be at 1215pm, which really does cramp my style regarding lunch plans, but with school pick up for Mahaley, there was very little wiggle room in the day if I wanted Jules and Fulton to still get a nice afternoon nap.

Yesterday as I was reading my quiet time and in Proverbs about the wife of noble character, something struck me!  Work vigorously. I have a heart to Love the Lord and my children and family.  And despite the lack of a formal paycheck at the end of the day for the ‘work’ which I do as a wife and mother, it is nonetheless, my work, and so I want to do it fervently and diligently.

Here is the definition of vigorous: strong, energetic, and active in mind or body; robust.

That is a great example on what I daily strive to be as a mom, wife, and homemaker! Pursue your work with vigor, and great things are sure to come.


2 responses to “New Routine

  1. Can relate to that post, I think it is easy to forget how important caring for our family is for the present and eternity. I know God will bless your efforts!

  2. Thanks Millie. Motherhood is such a wonderful gift. Let’s face it. Our kids only have one childhood. And we are such vital roles to their experience in these people we are trying to train up in the Lord! 🙂

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