USAA App and Getting things on my calendar

Well, it has been a long, but good day~!

I have been on the lookout for a local bank since Bank of America isn’t a local option.  But, some friends, (highlighting Dianne Webb here and her brilliance) mentioned USAA.  Well, we already have USAA accounts, but I didn’t know that they have a USAA app on the IPhone, allowing you to do deposits from the iphone!

I do have a scanner and have taken advantage of that awesome perk for the last three years, but hesitated in having my scanner be my only convenient way to deposit checks.  So, I tried the USAA app for depositing checks!

It was as easy as it seemed.  So, for now, we’ll stick with this option and not worry about opening yet another account!

And on a personal note, I had success at the library!  I got my library card (WAHOOO!) and then I found some cool programs. Signed Mahaley up for a 30 minute program specifically designed for kindergarteners.  Then, once a week there is a Storytime that I’ll go to with Jules and Fulton.  The music, rhymes, and stories should prove to be an enjoyable experience.  Mahaley went to her first class this afternoon and really enjoyed it!  The craft and storytime that they had was impressive and that 30 minute perk each week is really going to be great for Mahaley.  And did I mention that the library is so convenient to our house?  That is ALWAYS a plus!


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