Sending her to Kindergarten this morning

And so, I sit here at the end of her first day.  My oldest daughter started kindergarten this morning.  There was so much anticipation for this day on so many levels just from my perspective, it is really difficult to believe that this day has happened already.

I’ve struggled in my heart since around May about the reality of kindergarten starting for my dear, oldest child.  I’ve contemplated homeschooling, the pros and cons for our family at this time in our lives, and I really felt led that public school, for now, was best.  I was prepared to cry, but I didn’t.  I felt really at peace knowing that her teacher and school were going to be fine.  As a mother, most of my sadness and fear came from the notion of someone being mean to my daughter in my absence, and that I wouldn’t be there to protect her.  I mean, when else would my child be under someone else’s supervision for this long without me? Never.  At least, up until now.

But I remembered that she will not be alone.  God is with her, in her heart, and as her mom, I can pray for her daily. By praying for her, her teachers, her classmates, God can do far more with my prayers than if I were to let this fear consume me, which it literally did for months over the summer.

So for me, maybe the morning journey to her kindergarten classroom door wasn’t painful or hard, because I’ve struggled and been emotionally torn the months prior to this day.  After rising early (625am early), I quietly went into her bedroom, and scooped her up.  {Please note I didn’t want to wake her 2-year-old sister that was sleeping just 10 feet away}.  We joyfully got ready very smoothly, talked about this new adventure she was embarking upon, and then awoke the rest of the family.

All five of us went to take her to school.  Emotionally, I was excited for the fun she was going to have on this day. The newness of everything in her life right now is huge.  We just moved here two weeks ago, so her home is new, her surroundings are new, and school is new.  I hugged her and gave her a kiss goodbye, and told her we’d be back to pick her up later that day, and I loved her. She smiled, then said she wanted to hug her daddy too.  And once that embrace was complete, she turned, and with a calmness, walked over to her seat where she began working on an independent activity.

Since Mahaley hasn’t seen the movie Annie, I know that she doesn’t know this line, but when she turned to walk back to her seat, I thought of this quote from the movie, “I think I’m gonna like it here!”.

Tomorrow, day 2, here we come.

Here are some pictures from her first day of Kindergarten


One response to “Sending her to Kindergarten this morning

  1. That is awesome Heather. You made me smile. Gwen starts Kindergarten tomorrow and I too am a bundle of “what do i expect? will she like it?will I like it?” So glad to hear that everything is going well for you. (Plus I didn’y know you have a blog; very cool)

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