Ina and Wireless Router

So, it is finally seeming like it is coming together.  Tonight as we watched a Netflix movie, we put together the computer, the PC.  For some CRAZY reason the packers didn’t put the wireless router in either of the 2 boxes labeled with computers.  So now, we’ll have the fun of going through all the remaining boxes that simply say ‘Bonus Room’.  Our internet connection will be hooked up on Tuesday so I’m excited to see what kind of speed we’ll end of with, especially for the purpose of my working with my pictures again in photoshop.

And now, after some sort of accomplishment with that I’m sitting down enjoying my very first DVR’d Barefoot Contessa.  I must admit I missed it.  We had cancelled our Dishnetwork back in Tennessee about a month before we moved, so we have been about 2 months without cable, and though I could easily survive without television, I’m loving the Food Network again.


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