Making Elizabethtown KY home..

We have uprooted ourselves quite quickly due to Wayne getting out of the army, finding a new job, and it is all happenning so quickly.  My youngest, is 10 weeks old, I just celebrated my middle child’s birthday yesterday, of turning 2, and my oldest child begins kindergarten on Wednesday.

I am tempted to say I am overwhelmed right now with emotions.  But, the circumstances more so seem a bit daunting and overwhelming.  So much so, that after having been here in Elizabethtown in our home nearly 2 weeks, I have cooked one nice home cooked meal.  And for that I almost feel like a failure, but the truth be told, it is my trying to keep and establish a sense of sanity which causes that to be the case.   We’ll make sandwiches, fruit, yogart or something similar for one meal ( either lunch or dinner) then sometimes we’ll grab a quick bite to eat for the other meal.  Tonight I did go to the store, one of of my many formula runs, and bought some food to make 2 recipes this week which hopefully will be family-friendly and well received ( Cheeseburger Calzones, and a crock pot recipe for Cube Steak).

Unpacking, I do not enjoy.  Unpacking, while trying to feed my newborn, juggle my 2-year-old on the sofa and inserting a Hello Kitty DVD for my oldest, all the while attempting to make progress, has just become a one box at a time process.  I want to be done with it all, yet come 730pm when the house is silent because kids are in bed, often my husband and I choose to have some downtime. This may include watching a Netflix movie that came in the mail, or checking email, taking a shower or even just sitting in silence.  Really, I’m fairly easy ti please when it comes to just resting!  But I know that in due time the house will be as I’d like it to be, and this will all be a faint memory in my mind. 

I’m looking forward to making friends here.  The town of Elizabethtown just has a nice, welcoming feeling to me.  I think if weather cooperates, we will try and go to a peach orchard Monday or Tuesday as a family activity before Mahaley starts school. 

Off to enjoy some more ‘quiet’ time in the house.  Tomorrow we try a different church, and then get the home PC and printer out of their boxes and get them set up.


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