Just Being Home

Having just had a baby has taught me to enjoy the slow-paced life of just staying at home.  I often find that I thrive on going from this event to that, or running from here, to there, all packed in before naptime, to rush to come home, to cook and get dinner cooked, to then hurry to get the baths done, then story time, and then, kiddos in the bed. 

But having an 8 day old little boy really has slowed my pace, and in a good way I think.  We’ve been so blessed to get meals from many friends so having to cook evening meals hasn’t even been an issue yet.  My mom just went home this morning after spending a 2 week visit with us.  One week pre-baby, and one week post-baby.  To top off my blessings, Wayne has been home too since he is on transitional leave out of the army.  So, I’m not even having to do it all alone.  It has been a great bonding time for our family.  Today during Fulton’s rest time, Wayne took Mahaley to the store, bought water guns, came home, and they were READY!  Jules woke from her nap while they were gone, so it was TIME TO PLAY AND GET WET!  The girls put on their bathing suits, Wayne cleaned out the cars, and we all sprayed our water guns and had a water fight right there in the driveway!  The giggles from both girls was PRICELESS!  The cost of this fun activity – $2.00.  And I must tell you I was impressed with the size, and great spraying/shooting factor that these $1.00 guns had.

So, just being home, doesn’t feel like I’m trapped.  It doesn’t feel that we’re couped up.  It doesn’t feel like we’re missing out on everything going on around us.  It feels like really special quality time that we’re able to have as a family during these first few weeks of Fulton’s life.

And for that, I am greatful!


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