Awaiting Fulton’s arrival…

The days are becoming longer.  Everyone always talks about that feeling pregnant woman often feel towards the end of their pregnancy and being ‘so ready’ to have the baby, or even, miserable.  I am a far far cry from miserable feeling, but I definitely feel pregnant and and am very excited about Fulton joining our family.  The unknown of when he’ll arrive is also pretty exciting.  Of course, I AM A PLANNER! I want to pencil in on my calendar that I’m having a baby on May 8th at 334pm so I can make proper childcare arrangements for Jules and Mahaley, but I’m also pleased to know that I can’t control that factor.

With Mahaley having been a C-Section, and Jules a successful VBAC, I’m hopeful Fulton also is born via a VBAC but no matter how he arrives, my prayers are for a safe labor and delivery for Fulton, and myself.

My mom is coming to help us out for a nice little visit too so I can’t wait for her arrival.   I think the extra hands and help with attention for the girls is going to be such a blessing!

I’ll keep you posted…I promise!


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