Day is done..just about.

So, it has been a day.  A long day.  Mahaley just fell out of her twin bed ( about 11pm) after I just was saying 2 days ago that she had adjusted well to her new size bed that she has had for about 2 weeks.  She had been sleeping in a queen, but since Jules and Mahaley are going to be sharing a room come this weekend, we switched Mahaley to a twin.  Poor thing! It wasn’t even a pain-free fall.  She had recently put a little step stool near her twin bed, so unfortunately when she went to tumble out of bed in her sleep, her cheek hit the corner of the step stool, leaving her being awakened to some strong pain!  A hug and kiss were some sort of comfort, but it was just one of those moments as a mom where you can just tell they are in pain, and you just want to take the pain away and handle it for them.  After about 15 minutes of comforting, some tissues, and hugs, she fell back asleep, in the bed.

I had a Pampered Chef party earlier tonight in Hopkinsville, a town not too far away.  I was glad to get home and rest my feet.  I’m feeling the effects on my pregnant body, and come 9pm, I am done.

Speaking of home, our house is up for sale, and I’m just so eager to get it sold.  Or if it doesn’t sell, we’ll be working on renting it out.  Which isn’t a bad option either.  I’m praying God would bring us a buyer, that this is a good fit for.  If it were to sell soon, it mainly would be just one more ‘thing’ we wouldn’t have to worry about.  And Wayne is right in the throws of looking for a job for once he is officially out of the army.  We’re looking all over, and again, I’m just so excited to see where we end up.  But in the meantime, I’m aiming my focus on cleaning the house, (and garage) and getting ready for Baby Fulton’s arrival.  That way if we do need to move, in a quick-speedy way, it will make it easier!

So, here’s to seeing how our future unfolds!


One response to “Day is done..just about.

  1. I still have the Bedside gaurd that can be stored under the mattress… want me to bring it???

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