One Step Closer

Well, I know that I have talked and talked about the waiting game on knowing if Wayne is getting out of the army, well we do have an answer.  The Thursday before Easter he got word that his packet for Medical release from the army was approved and he is in process right now of the exiting process.  We’re so glad to have an answer in this aspect, and now Wayne can pursue his job prospects with a lot more clarity regarding when he is available, and the validity of his current job ending soon.  We are prayerful that God would lead us to a place He wants us to be, and help us to be patient, and know that he will provide, in His perfect timing.

There are so many negative people in this world wanting to impose on us their worries of the harsh economic times in which we live.  And of course, there are realities to the points being mentioned, but also there is another truth. That God is faithful.  That we, being good stewards of our money and blessings, will have an open eye to opportunities which come our way and that things will work out for the glory to His Kingdom. Ney’sayers and those seeking validation with negative energy please keep your distance.

So thankful for this answer to our prayers.  Wayne’s physical frustrations with his feet has been a hardship for the last several years and seems to only have worsened with his military career.  Health is far more important than job stability and I’m thankful for those in our lives which are supportive and lending their prayers our way.

Excited to see where our journey continues.

ON THE BABY FRONT – I’m 35 weeks pregnant, and today’s ultrasound shows baby is in great position ( head down), 2 CM dilated, and 50% effaced. Baby appears to be measuring around 6 lbs 3 oz. according to today’s ultrasound.  I’m due mid-May and we’re praying to not be induced and to not have a C-Section.  But so looking forward to the blessing of Baby Fulton in our life upon his timing to arrive.


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