Today was a good day.  I hosted an Easter Egg Hunt Playdate with my friends here in Clarksville and it was such great weather.  Last week when I looked it said there was a 40% chance of rain, and I was a little worried.  But over the weekend the weather course changed, and it was near 60 degrees and so sunny. Praise the Lord!  This was not at our typical time.  Most of our playdates are hosted in the morning, but with so many varying preschool schedules, I decided to have it in the afternoon about 4pm, and it worked out quite nice.

To add just a little more excitement to the day, I got a phone call about 3pm asking if someone could come to look at our home between 6-7pm. Well, sure! I told them I was going to have just hosted an easter egg hunt, but it would have just finished by time they arrived.  And the timing worked out perfectly.  Who knows if our house was a good fit for them, but I’m pretty pleased my house did look great, and the playdate literally finished 5 minutes before their arrival.
A few pictures from our day!

Our playgroup in the backyard after the hunt

Jules at 20 months


Load the children with sugar, then send them home!


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  1. I love the pictures… 60 and no sweaters you are brave… The Egg basket was so cute!! Gotta remember that for decorations..

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