Busy times, zapped!

The days are filled with a lot to do but I am seeking daily to have substance in my days and to maximize each opportunity that is given to me.  At the end of a busy day, I feel that it is the relationships, the real people in our lives that matter. And although fun things like email, facebook are connected to people, they can absorb a lot of time (an hour can escape you before you know it!).  I hate being busy just to be busy, don’t you?  I want to be busy at least doing things that are building character in my children, or ministering to others as well as my family. Or growing in my walk with God. 

Lately I have just felt zapped.  Down. Maybe I’m depressed? Seriously, who knows! 

Being 31 weeks pregnant I’m sure has something to do with that!  And all the other details of our life right now are quite uncertain.  I’m very thankful Wayne and dear long-time friends that have been encouraging as I deal with my zappiness.


One response to “Busy times, zapped!

  1. Always remember One Day at at Time is all the Lord expects of up… Tomorrow will take care of itself! Prayer being lifted for you! Big Hug’s…

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