Slow slow slow…process.

Well, here on a personal note we are just waiting, and waiting and waiting.  The medical process for Wayne to get out of the army is currently in a ‘hold’ process.  The Medical board office has Wayne’s packet at another persons office, who basically we’re waiting on to make a decision as to if Wayne’s packet can be altered slightly based on medical findings, or if more medical evaluations will need to be done in order for them to make that decision.

So, in short, one office took 6 weeks to decide if they were going to make a decision ( not make it mind you..but just ‘if’ they could.  And 1 week ago they decided that they ‘could’ make the decision.  And when follow-up is done to see how it is coming along, they say it is ‘on their list’. 

It’s frustrating.

So we wait.  And I know that the timing of everything will fall into place and that this delay could be glorified by God and their may be a blessing in the delay that we don’t see.  But we’re prayerful that the actual process which Wayne is going through, could continue and at least come to a completion. The results will be that:

1) Wayne is approved to get out of the army..

2) Wayne is denied to get out of the army, and he could then appeal that if he chooses

3) Wayne is denied to get out of the army, he appeals, and then is still denied and he’s still in until 2013.

So, will see how our future pans out.

On a different note, despite the many uncertainties, Wayne has been job searching for many job opportunities, in many varying locations, and we’ll see where we end up.  We’re prayerfully willing to go wherever a job opportunity is that will provide for our family.

As I learn more, I promise, to update!


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