Buffet at Mennonite Community Center – Crofton, KY

We’re always up for a little adventure and doing something

fun and different with the kids.  We went this same time last year

and since it is the first Friday again of the month, we’re going to

head there again tonight!

It’s a Mennonite community in Crofton, Kentucky that holds

a once a month buffet in their community center.  It is open

to the public on this particular night for a family atmosphere

of eating.  It is held the first Friday of every month.

We enjoyed the overall experience a lot and i’m glad we went!

Directions to Crofton, KY

( we made it there no problemwith these exact directions, so I know you can too!)

Take I-24 towards KY —take exit 86 and turn

RIGHT towards Hopkinsville.Turn Right on Pennyrle (sp?)

Hwy.Take Exit 23 (crofton) and then make a Left when exiting hwy.

Drive 2.5 miles and drive through downtown (Very tiny!)You will

see the Mennonite community center on the right.

There will be lots of tractors, buggys and cars in the parking lot.

They are Mennonites which are a sect of the Amish. The difference

is, the Mennonites elders will allow certain technology hence

the tractors!  Also, Mennonites are seperatist like the strict

Amish sects.  They encourage working, communing etc in their

extended communities.

The dinner is the first Friday of every month (unless it falls

on a holiday or tornado warnings are in effect).  It begins at

5pm and ends at 8pm or when the food runs out…which it can!!!

It is a buffet style usually bbq pork, bbq chicken, salad,

yeast rolls, homeade jams, bbq beans,sweet cream corn, mashed potatoes,

homemade pies, icecream, soda, coffee.

Adults are $8 children $4.50(Kids under 5 are free)

The Mennonites eat right along with you.  If you have the courage to

strike up a conversation, they are more than happy to talk to you.

We found it also a great opportunity to talk to the kids about

different cultures and different lifestyles.  And the horses in the

parking area is always a fun treat too!

Have fun if you go, and do let me know how you enjoyed it if

you do head out that way one day!


2 responses to “Buffet at Mennonite Community Center – Crofton, KY

  1. What a Great experience for ALL…

  2. We went tonight and it was DELICIOUS!!!!!

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