Ebay Success!

I started selling (tinkering) around on ebay back in 2001.  It’s been something that I’ve come and gone with but this week I was inspired to try and sell something again. And it just closed out and I’m quite pleased.

When I am about to list something on ebay I always do a search first to see how a similar item is doing and the kinds of bids those items are getting.  So when I decided to see how a Gymboree bathing suit was doing, I was pleased to see there were lots of bids for the suits.

Jules had an adorable 2 piece watermelon Gymboree bathing suit that I had gotten at a yard sale ( brand new with tags) for $2.25.   So, I listed it on Ebay this Wedneday for a 3 day auction and it ended this afternoon. For what amount you wonder?  The bathing suit ended with the winning bidder paying $15.50 plus shipping. Sweet! They’ve already paid through paypal and now I have 3 days to get it out in the mail, as I said I would.  And I love that because it means I can do it Monday, if I want, or I can do it Tuesday!

I am by all means not an e-bay expert seller, but I do enjoy it and I’ve set a goal to try and make $100-$150 in the next 30 days (by my birthday, March 20th) and here are a few things I like to do when selling on e-bay.

1) List on Wednesday, and have it be a 3 day auction (this allows for it to end on the weekend when more people are online shopping).

2) Always do a search on ebay for similar items to see how they are selling and to see if there seems to be a demand for what I’m about to list for sell.

3) Include that the items are from a smoke-free and pet-free home.  I know how sensitive I am to smoking, and I always want to let anyone buying my products know that the products are from a smoke-free and pet-free home, because I know that is what I’d want to know too!

I’ll keep you posted on how I do in achieving my goal.  If you have pointers you want to share, by all means, do let me know!


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