It’s a good day, I showered!

It’s a new week and I’m excited to say my house looks good, Jules is napping, Mahaley is playing wii, and i just showered, and put make up on? Why? Well, for our wonderful errand to return a REDBOX DVD and to return library books, of course.  I mean, doesn’t everyone feel so glad that they mustered up the energy to get the children fed, dressed, and then even the time to do also that same thing for themselves?  Well, it makes me feel renewed.  Even if we don’t step foot out of the car, and the only people that see us may be the drive-thru lady at Chick-fil-A ( because I’m really wanting a Sweet Tea!), it’s all good. 
It was snowing a matter of minutes ago.  I mean really snowing hard.  Harder than I had ever seen before in my life.  But within 15 minutes, it then changed to rain, and now, nothing.  I wonder if those 15 minutes of snow was enough for schools to shut down completely.  I mean, we always made fun of how unprepared the south was for snow when we lived in South Carolina ( where I grew up), but to think that Tennessee, at least here in this part of Tennessee, it really is the same.
So, the day has begun. I feel refreshed and I’m looking forward to the time to play more with the kiddos, read some more books, have some time for me to make a few Pampered Chef phone calls this afternoon during rest time, as well as an opportunity for me to read my Bible, and allow my soul to grow!
It’s a good day!

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