Fun Friday!

Well today was a good day.  My parents have been here for the past 9 days, and left this morning to head to Indiana to see some more family.  No, I’m not saying the good news is that they left.  We had a WONDERFUL visit while they were here with us.  It was a perfect mix of bonding/playtime with the kiddos, but also super successful mini-projects around our home which we currently have on the market for sale.  But despite the dreary-gloom which was everywhere we looked outside today, we enjoyed it nonetheless.

After a mini-nap this morning, we headed over to Chick-fil-A to meet Sara and Andrew for play/lunch.  It was a perfect little outing which was followed by a quick fill-up of gasoline ( for $1.46 at Kroger!) And a quick little playtime back at home, and some fun story times proceeded our daily rest time.  It was a pleasant surprise that Wayne got home from work early, so after rest time, we headed on over to Chuck-E-Cheeses.  The kids had so much fun, and since we had a local coupon card for 20 free tokens with any purchase, we bought cinnamon sticks ( total $3.27) to share for a sweet little afternoon snack,  plus we had a good 30 tokens we had brought with us from home, so it was awesome.

A fun 1.5 hours at Chuck-E-Cheeses for $2.37! Now, that is pricess entertainment for a family of four!


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