Things I want to accomplish in 2010

I am really excited about 2010.  There is so much in our future that may possibly be changing, and yet it excites me.  I have always been thrilled at the notion of moving to a new place, an opportunity to explore, connect, find local friends, and find a church home.  Of course these all also can be stressers for some, but I seriously have faith that God is going to have His hand in it all, and help us through every step of the way.  (Now if I can just remember to rely on His strength even on those days when I feel totally tired and zapped it will be really good too!).

But in addition to these changes, I have a list of things in 2010 that I want to accomplish.  I’m sure this list will grow, but for now, it is my start. My plan also is once a month to show the updates, and the things I’ve accomplished off my list!

So, here goes! Don’t stop here after reading mine. Think about the things you want to accomplish in your life and keep a tally. 

1. Cook an Ina Garten Recipe 2 times a month ( every single month)

2. Cook a new Pampered Chef Recipe 2 times a month ( every single month)

3. Watch Ferris Bueller’s Day off with Wayne ( he’s never seen it)

4. See my dear sweet friend Alyssa Milne ( who currently lives in El Paso, TX)

5. Cook and try eggplant

6. Read one book each month

7. Enjoy a lovely sweet margarita after baby Fulton is born ( not right away, but ya know what I mean)

8.  Complete an online photography course of some kind.

9. Take my family to Disney World, compliments of The Pampered Chef

10. See an ocean.

11. Participate in a Bible Study through church, or a women’s group

12. Keep a prayer journal

13. Sell all the baby girl clothes that I have, and give to The Hope PregnancyCenter those that I don’t sell

14. Try a new vegetable each month that I’ve never personally prepared

15. Start an exercise regimen, 8 weeks after the baby arrives

I’m sure there are a zillion more things, but this is for now, my start. And I’m excited.  Tonight for dinner I accomplished one of my Ina Garten recipes for dinner – Chicken Piccata. Delish!


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