Without Heat?

So, I hope that everyone had a great Merry Christmas, to those that celebrate.  We enjoyed a lovely visit to Missouri and Illinois and creeped back into town late in the evening, after nine o’clock.  It was about 34 degrees outside, and we were all set to run in, get the kids changed quickly into their jammies so they could fall fast asleep, but to my surprise when I walked in the house it was FREEZING!  I normally turn the thermostat down a bit before we leave, but I knew I hadn’t left it ‘that low’. I quickly turned on the gas fireplace to just try and get some heat going, but quickly realized that the furnace was not working. 

We did go ahead and get the kids all snug with lots of warm clothing and extra blankets, but at that moment realized how thankful I am for the heat that we usually have in our home during these cold times of the year.  Well, it was a long night.  Here is just a real brief overview:

Bundled up myself with the biggest, thickest socks I could find, along with sweatpants, hooded sweatshirts pulled up over my ears, and was glad that Wayne had found a small little portable heater that he had picked up at a yard sale this past summer for $3 bucks.  I then put it in one of the girls’ rooms for an hour, and then put it in the other room for an hour, and kept checking on them about once an hour through the night.  Then I woke around 6am to turn on the gas fireplace to get a little heat going ( unfortunately all the heat just rises to our bonus room, but still it does do a ‘little’ good).  After a few phone calls bright and early, I was glad to see that Action Air was able to come on out and be here at our home by 10am. (They arrived at 952am to be exact!)  The problem?  Our heat ignitor had hit the dust.  So, after a little run back to the shop to get the needed part, we were well on our way to having heat again, but minus a few hundred dollars. 
So, I sit here this evening, in my lovely heated home, really thankful for all we have, and especially thankful for the heat which we have to keep us warm from the cold outside. And a snuggly goodnight to all.


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