Opening Presents Early

Well today we celebrated our ‘Christmas present time’ together as a family when the kids woke up.  We did this mainly because we’re travelling for Christmas this year and the gifts we got just weren’t the size gifts that could fit in the car.  Mahaley’s birthday is on Tuesday, so the way Wayne’s work schedule fell, it made the most sense to do it today.

I often fret over are the kids getting too many presents?  Not that they have in the past, but I am fearful of that child that has opened so many gifts, that they simply want to just play with what they have received ( and seem not so interested in continuing to open presents).  And to others which may be present, watching can sometimes feel the child is being unappreciative.  So, I was hoping to set the kids up for a successful experience, rather than setting them up for failure.

And to my delight.  It went well.  Without prodding, or encouraging, Mahaley on her own after opening a gift, really seemed genuinely delighted and she told each of us thank you, in a unique and different way after the gift she had opened.  It really made me quite happy and pleased.  The very first present each of the girls received was already open.  Mahaley got a JEEP, powered riding JEEP that is, and Jules got a cool indoor play slide to help her have an avenue for her much desired CLIMBING!  Both gifts were big hits and Wayne and I got great enjoyment from watching their expressions while they played as we cooked breakfast before any more presents were opened.

The day is not yet over, and our Christmas of course isn’t over either.  We’ll be doing stockings, and Santa gifts once we arrive to Missouri on Christmas morning, but it seems that Christmas is going to be all week long this year, and I quite like it!

Now, to focus on Mahaley’s fifth birthday celebrations for Tuesday.


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