Books for Preschoolers

Thanks to my friend Jen, I have been on the search for some good, age appropriate books for Mahaley.  We live in Tennessee, and Dolly Parton has teamed up with the state and has a very generous program called Imagination Library.  Through her support and organization a free age appropriate book is sent to the home of each child, birth to five years old.  I am guilty to simply counting on their book selection as the books we add to our library.  The fact that they are free books certainly makes it a fun experience, plus the kids love looking to see if it is their day to get a new book in the mail box.  A great way to promote literacy. 
But that being said,  I haven’t really investigated other books out that which may be great books for our family to read. 

Here are 2 very informative resources that I have found so far on my journey, and so I wanted to pass them along to you in case you also are looking for great books.

Twaddle-Fee Books for Preschoolers: My Top 10 Favorites by Tsh Oxenreider — ( plus lots of feedback from other readers with many wonderful suggestions) –

A short guide to Reading Chapter Books to Preschoolers

If you find either of these articles informative, or have a favorite book you enjoy with your preschoolers, do share by posting a comment.


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