Making a Birthday Special!

Mahaley, my oldest daughter, is turning five in 9 days. She talks with great excitement that it will be her ‘real’ birthday and I think that is because she took cupcakes into her preschool class last Thursday to celebrate with them.

Having a birthday that falls during Christmas break, December 22nd, plus the last week of preschool is filled with class Christmas parties, special singing programs, this past Thursday was the closest we could do it for her. So I had to explain that her ‘real’ birthday would still be very special, and that taking cupcakes in with her class last week would be one more extra special way to share the celebration with her class. She chose chocolate cupcakes with lots of thick yellow icing! They were a hit with her fellow 4 year-old classmates.

Our birthday tradition in the Heuman household has been to have ‘big’ party every three years. That would mean that these would be BIG party years: 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16. I got this idea from Lori S, a friend from a playgroup in SC, and loved it the moment I heard it and saw her implement it in her family. Of course on the non ‘big’ years, we still celebrate, make our kids feel special, and really share in their birthday celebrations, but it is only on the big years that a ‘big party’ will take place.

We’re going to host a December playdate at our home this month on Mahaley’s birthday and when I asked her if she wanted to go to Chick-fil-a and play before lunch or if she wanted to have them come here, she prefers to come here. It will be about 7 friends, and we’re going to decorate cookies, per Mahaley’s request!

And to really top it off, my mom told me that she was sending money this year for us to decide something that we thought Mahaley would really enjoy! Well, a perfect opportunity arose! Mahaley really wanted to go see the ICE! Charlie Brown Christmas in Nashville after a visit to the Opryland Hotel last month, but I just couldn’t really justify the cost in our budget. So now, Mahaley is going to get to go this coming Saturday and tickets were purchased with Grammy’s birthday money! THANKS MOM!

TIP TO GRANDPARENTS – Have your gift to a grandchild be a special event like tickets to the circus, special musical performance, or a special activity such as a 6 wk intro class to something like gymnastics, etc…


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