How Much Turkey do you need? ( PLUS COUPON)

Sometimes it can be more difficult thinking ( or guessing) the amount of turkey you’ll need for the size crowd you are expecting to cook for each year.  Well, Butterball has a super handy tool on their website I wanted to share!

Simply click here to go to Butterball’s Calculator and Conversion page on their site.  It’s the easy answer to the size turkey you’ll want to buy for the number of adults and children you will be serving.  And I love it! They even have for you to enter the size turkey you did get and it tells you the time needed to thaw it for preparation! How cool is that?  Very, I think!

While you are there, Butterball’s website if filled with other cool tips on letting you know great ideas while in the kitchen, so check it out!


They have a toll-free number you can call to help guide you through your Turkey cooking experience.  800-288-8372

$2.00 OFF COUPON – Butterball Turkey ( valid 11/13/09-12/31/09) – CLICK HERE FOR COUPON

Have fun making turkey this year for your family!!!


2 responses to “How Much Turkey do you need? ( PLUS COUPON)

  1. Buttterball Turkeys are selling nation wide at Walmart for $.98/lb. Makes for a great deal. Also, if you’re buying the movie Santa Buddies there is a mail in rebate wyb the movie and a butterball turkey!

  2. Stephanie, thanks for the Santa Buddies tip too!

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