So this evening I had a great time.  What started out as something that sounded fun in theory, but I wasn’t sure how much I’d get into the actual fashion show itself was really great.  A friend found an opportunity to attend a special Fashion Show at a mall in Nashville, where cupcakes and champagne were offerred, but they also had the enticement of the first 100 to register got $200 gift bags.  Well, of course, the gift bag would have made it SUPER!  When we got the email we hadn’t been selected for the gift bag, it was a bummer, but we ended up still opting to go.

Now let me stop here.  Going out on a ‘week night’ to just have conversation with a friend, was reason enough to have a good evening.  But I was pleasantly surprised by my enjoyment of the fashion show.  Tips/pointers were given out about the upcoming season/trends, and I enjoyed seeing the different looks on the models as they came out in their Ann Taylor attire.

The rest of the evening was filled with a little window shopping at bookstores for my friend to pick up this book and then a quick bite of dinner at Panera ( oh, how I wish there was a Panera in my town) and then our ride home.

All in all it was a nice, refreshingly chilly evening that allowed me an opportunity to get to know a friend better and just laugh, have a good time.

I love my husband for being so understanding and making evenings like this possible!


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