50 Free 4×8 Photo Cards from SEEHERE.COM by Fuji Film



Everyone that loves a deal on photo cards will be thrilled about this great opportunity.

The 50 4 x 8 photo cards, are FREE…The shipping is FREE from seehere.com by Fujifilm…And you’ll get the envelopes too! What a great way to cut on costs! Whether you want to do your Christmas Cards, or you just want to make personalized birthday cards, or Thank you Cards.  The ideas are limitless!

Simply enter this promo code at check out – freebies4mom-1109 (type in that code).  Remember that this expires 11/21/09, so order by this Saturday!

I just completed mine, and it was pretty painless.  Due to the extreme high traffic and volume to the website, there could be a glitch with their site being down temporarily during busy times during the day or evening.  But don’t give up. 

SPECIAL NOTE – **This had been originally offerred for their 5×7 card, but due to an extremely higher demand than they were expecting, they have limited it to the 4×8 size, and have the expiration as this Saturday, November 21st.  Thanks Heather from Freebies4Mom for passing this great information along!


3 responses to “50 Free 4×8 Photo Cards from SEEHERE.COM by Fuji Film

  1. Hey- I stumbled upon your blog via Tracy’s and gotta say THANK YOU for the heads up on Christmas photo-cards! We need 65 (way too big of families!) but in the end I only paid $7, with my 50 free 🙂 Yay yay yay!!!

  2. armywifeforlife, that is awesome. I am so glad you found out about the great deal too. I ordered mine this past Monday…and they were on my porch less than 48 hours later! WOW!!!

  3. Yeah I ordered some too, past the deadline on the east coast, so maybe they use a different time. I ordered some Christmas and some thank you cards. They say they already shipped too!

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