So, today I did it.  After lunch, I went to the hospital and got the H1N1 shot as well as the regular flu shot.  It has been on my mind for the last 2 weeks and I’ve been praying for guidance in my decision.  In my heart, I had hesitancy towards getting the H1N1, but after talking with persons in the medical field which I highly respect (Dr. Locke) and others and varying research on my own, I felt it the responsible thing to do, which left me at most peace was to get the shot. 

So, now that I have that behind me, I’m just glad it’s done with.  Now if only I could get this achy feeling I have in each of my arms to go away.  I’m by all means not a wimp when it comes to needles, but the dull-on-going, aggrivating pain such as aches, kind of drive me crazy.

Looking forward to a low-key weekend with the family.  A few highlights – Attending a 4 year-old’s BATMAN birthday party, and the Lottie Moon Missions Auction Chili Cookoff at church. Good things to look forward to.


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