Fall and Sunny Days!

So, our family has been battling sickness this week.  Monday Mahaley broke out with a fever, out of nowhere. No other symptoms, then Tuesday she woke, complaining of a sore throat, and the fever continued. So, after a quick trip to the doctor, our diagnosis was Strep Throat for her. She’s been a trooper and is taking her amoxicillian with joy.  But I can tell she isn’t quite herself, because today at resttime, she has fallen asleep.  Now rest time means that at 2pm when I lay down Jules (15 mo), that Mahaley must have rest time in her room. She hasn’t actually fallen asleep since July 25th, and the reason that date sticks in my mind is because it was Jules’ Bday party and we had exhausted her beyond all measures with a bounce house, etc..

The doctor went ahead and gave me amoxicillin for Jules too because the strep is so contagious and she felt it would be wise preventively.  Well, Jules’ tummy didn’t take a liking to the medicine, and after 3 time of taking it, each time she got sick afterwards.  So, no more meds for Jules.  Praying and hoping she just doesn’t get strep.

I on the other hand have felt icky for about 3 weeks.  Ya know, enough to just wear on you. Then I feared I also had strep, so I went to the doctor to thankfully, find out I don’t, but am just battling a sinus infection that won’t leave me be.  And the continual eye irritation/infection I’m struggling with has also caused me to pull out my backup glasses and give my eyes a rest, with the eye drops the doctor prescribed.  So, Z-Pack, plus some rest for me, and I’m hoping to feel better too.  Soon.

That being said of all our woes,  the weather outside is sunny, sparkling and just glorious.  Nothing to complain about one bit and it makes me so thankful that we have our cozy home to retreat to, during this sick times, so we can get all our strength back and go back about our business.


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