Rain Rain Rain

So, this afternoon, although it was gloomy, overcast and spitting rain, we loaded the kids in the car and ran an errand together as a family since Wayne had the day off.  The original errand was simply to drop off receipts to a customer as well as pick up a package from the same person.  But after we did just that we drove around their neighborhood and had a stroll down some other new streets in the neighborhood and saw ‘beautiful amazing’ homes for sale.  The kind that would fit my dream home, and it was fun, to just dream about for just that moment.  We knew we were in trouble when the flyer we stopped and got from the sale box didn’t even have a sale price for the home.  But the 2 acre home, beautifully filled with stone on the front, combined with a nice wood-looking siding, caught my eye.

But I’m completely content right now to know that a home that big isn’t what we need right now, nor is it in our means.  We’re working on getting debt free, and that is going to be our ‘dream’ of choice.  Knowing that we’re getting closer and closer to being debt free, and not a slave to credit/debt cards, or lenders, is going to be WAY more freeing than any home could be right now.

So, the rain for us, what freeing, delightful and a great little time out of the house.


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