Whirlwind Weekend in my world!

Well, life has been busy! Can you relate?  Everyone probably is keeping busy with something.  I’m 10 weeks in my pregnancy and I’ve been battling a little naseau a bit over the weekend, but it typically is gone by about noon.

Many of you know that I have been undergoing some iron tranfusions because my iron levels were severely low.  I have completed 2 so far, and have my third one this coming week when I go to get my labs done to see my improvements.  Hopefully, my numbers will be improved!

Also, I have an appointment for October 8th to be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat at my OB appointment.  Hopefully Wayne will be able to go to that appointment with me.

Now if you are curious what I was so busy with over the weekend, it was doing Pampered Chef parties.  I had set a goal to do 10 parties in the month of September, and it just so happen that 4 of the shows were over this past weekend.

It worked out great! Friday night’s party was fun, then Saturday afternoon’s party fell during naptime, so it lightened Wayne’s load at home with the kids, and then Saturday night’s party was very efficient and quick.    Then my Sunday afternoon party, again, fell during Jules’ nap time and I was home in time for us to make it to our Sunday afternoon church activities, followed by a quick bite to eat at Subway.

The timing was great. Why? Well, within the past 2 weeks we had two unexpected financial things arise. #1) The air compressor in my car had to be replaced and fixed, so that was a $651 bill. #2) My laptop hard-drive died this last week, and after getting a new hard drive and everything saved from the old, and all reformatted, etc….put us in the whole several hundred dollars.  So, although it would have been nice to not have had these bills at all, since we did, it was a great blessing that we have this extra income heading our way, just in time!



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