Seminar and Lodging – (FREE) at ‘The Cove’ for Active Military!!!

So, I’m so excited to share this with you.  The Billy Graham Training Center, The Cover, located in Asheville, NC offers seminars throughout the year.  And as a part of a current scholarship program they have available (until the funds run out) they are offering free seminars for active duty military members and their spouse.  We’re going to let the girls have some fun time with the grandparents and we’re going to do this for our 7th year anniversary! A free get-a-way in the mountains of Asheville, NC during peak fall, YEAH!!!!!

We just called today to confirm our reservation and are going in October when we take a roadtrip to see family in SC.

The seminars…..FREE….Your lodging while you are there….FREE….Your meals while you are there….FREE..

To learn more about the seminars, click here.

You can call The Cove also, by dialing – 800-950-2092 and they’ll get your email address, send you a basic form for you to complete so you can get the Military scholarship, and then you simply complete it and send it back to them.

I recommend looking through the options of seminars that interest you and your spouse and asking if the space is available when you call.

*TIP – When the money for this runs out, it will be gone.  So, even if you can’t go for months, go ahead and register now, and you’ll be secured to take advantage of this great free opportunity for active military families.


I want to thank Ron Bergen, my mom’s first cousin, who shared this with me!!!!


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