A fantastic night for 99 cents!

We’re trying hard to save our pennies, and make wise financial decisions.  And with that being said, we are always seekin opportunities to have fun and spend less.  Well today we did that.  Tonight after our supper we headed out to Zaxby’s where I had read on Facebook that they were having a special FREE FUNSIZE MILKSHAKE.  But we got there and they said they didn’t sell milkshakes, and they had no clue what I was talking about.  If it was a real offer, it obviously wasn’t everywhere.  So, we went to Back Up Plan B!

We drove about 2 miles down the street and had a sundae!  They have 99 cent sundaes, and since I’m not a big fan of ice cream it was perfect for a small after dinner treat for Wayne and Mahaley to share!  Even Jules had a few small bites.

So, for $1.10 after tax, we placed our order at Sonic on their benches, and enjoyed some quality family time.  Truly fun, and since the kids were already in their pajamas, it added even more to the ‘special’ factor in Mahaley’s mind.


Go get your 99 cent sundae to from Sonic!


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