Fall is ALMOST here —

I love fall.  It is by far my most favorite season of them all.  And yet, the window of time that the weather is truly ‘fall-like’ isn’t long enough for me. Even better reason to really maximize it and take advantage of every single moment you can.

In addition to the changes going on outside around us with the weather and leaves tuning colors,  fall is also the start for many things (pre-school, church progarms like AWANA).  Mahaley really enjoyed AWANA a lot last year, so we’re planning to sign Mahaley up again this year for year #2.  AWANA is on Wednesday nights, and the new Joyful Noise Choir, for ages 4-kindergarten, starts in about 2 weeks and it will be on Sunday.

Are 2 weekly set activities too much for one child at age 4? I’ve always wanted a good balance between activities and family time.  Wayne and I are going to weigh out the options, but we may  just end up doing two things.  Mahaley loves to sing, and I think the choir could be a nice experience for her to see how she likes it for the music of it all, but also the activity of it too for an outlet to exercise her creative energy with song.

Wayne and I are also excited about some ministry opportunities for us too.  Wayne is hopeful to volunteer again with the AWANA children.  And I’m prayerfully thinking of working with the youtj ( grade 6-12).  It is exciting to see how the fall will go for us!


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